Payday Loan Help

Help with Payday Loans Payday loans can be very useful for many people. Maybe you rely on your car to make money, but it broke down and you can’t afford to fix it. Or maybe you get an unexpected medical bill in between paychecks and just can’t pay it right now. In cases like these, … Continue reading “Payday Loan Help”

Equifax Credit Report

Can I dispute my Equifax credit report? Individual credit reports and credit scores are important in many different aspects. The reports can be used when you are looking for employment, a residential place and most importantly when you are applying for a loan or credit. Credit reports determine the rate of interest that you may … Continue reading “Equifax Credit Report”

How to Build Your Credit

               How to Build Your Credit Credit is very important for your financial life. If you want a loan, your credit will be examined. If you want a credit card, you need a good credit. Even cell phone companies look at your credit profile before approving any phone plan. … Continue reading “How to Build Your Credit”

How to read a credit report and make sense of all the items on it

What are credit reports? A credit report is an extensive and detailed compilation of your personal and financial information. It includes your name, address, bank and credit card account details, history of payments, timeliness of those payments, bankruptcy information, tax lien information, and information about any court cases where you had to pay money. These … Continue reading “How to read a credit report and make sense of all the items on it”

Types of Accounts

6 Main Accounts On Your Credit Report When was the last time you checked your credit report? Like many people, I guess that it’s been quite a while. According to a new report by consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB), very few people bother to check their credit reports annually as it is required. Some people … Continue reading “Types of Accounts”

Truth in Lending Act

Before the introduction of the Truth in Lending Act, borrowers took loans without understanding all the terms of the loan. Lenders used different loan terms and borrowers struggled to understand what they all meant. It was all difficult for borrowers to compare loan terms and conditions before making a decision. The Truth in Lending Act … Continue reading “Truth in Lending Act”

Transunion Dispute

TransUnion Dispute: A Fast Way to Correct Credit Report Errors Credit scores are vital to transactions, especially when they have to do with credit cards, loans of any kind and mortgages. This is why it is essential that you have the correct information about your credit score at every given time. Remember that the strength … Continue reading “Transunion Dispute”

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