Credit Card Re-consideration

What is a Credit Card Re-consideration Line? As the name suggests, this is a phone number you can call to ask the credit card company to give you another shot at getting a credit card. What happens here involves offering more explanation concerning the details you gave out on the application form. The first time … Continue reading “Credit Card Re-consideration”

Chase AARP

Chase credit cards offer several benefits to its cardholders. There are cards are designed to suit the needs of the prospective cardholders. There are cards designed for travel, personal use, and shopping. The Chase AARP credit card is one of the numerous card options offered by Chase. Although this card bears the name AARP, it … Continue reading “Chase AARP”

Credit Card Pre approval

Banks and credit card issuers companies often send messages or mail to consumers stating that they have pre-approved for a credit card. Almost all of us have received some form of these pre-approval offers at least once. Sometimes, the mail you receive says that you have been pre-approved, while at other times, the credit card … Continue reading “Credit Card Pre approval”

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