IRS Debt

Are you currently in a position where the internal revenue service or state authorities are requesting money from you? Regardless of the situation, you are facing currently, owing money to IRS is not the right idea because it could lead to wage garnishment and clearing of any balance on your bank account. Nine out of … Continue reading “IRS Debt”

Debt recovery solutions

As we know, debt is probably the biggest financial issue of modern society. However, we often only look at it from one perspective – that of the person who is in debt. This is only natural since those who all money are the ones who were initially in financial trouble. There are many different ways, … Continue reading “Debt recovery solutions”

Charged Off as Bad Debt

What Is a Charge Off? When a debt collector has given up on collecting payments from a debtor, the debtor’s account can be marked as a charge-off. You can get a charge off in your account if you have missed payment or have not been paying the full minimum amount of your debt for a … Continue reading “Charged Off as Bad Debt”

Debt consolidation calculator

What Is Debt Consolidation Calculator? Debt consolidation calculator By using a credit consolidation calculator, you are able to compare the different costs of all your existing debts, with the terms of the monthly payment that you can get if you shuffle all these debts into a consolidation loan. How does a credit consolidation calculator work? … Continue reading “Debt consolidation calculator”

NCO Financial

NCO Financial: Put an End to Harassment NCO Financial is no stranger to some individuals as they have made themselves quite noticeable, especially for the many calls they put across to people and the many emails they send. Due to this unwanted calls and emails, many people have been looking for ways to get rid … Continue reading “NCO Financial”

Zwicker And Associates

Zwicker and Associates Zwicker and Associates P.C. is a law firm that specializes in debt collection. This firm is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and it has offices throughout the United States. If you received a letter from them, it is likely that your credit card company is suing you for non- payment of bills. If … Continue reading “Zwicker And Associates”

Afni Collections

Dealing with AFNI Collections AFNI Collections is a customer lifecycle solutions company that deals in consumer collections, insurance subrogation, and customer growth. The firm was first known as H.A Slaven Collections Bureau when it was established in 1936. It was sold to Earl Anderson in 1976 and then the name was changed to Anderson Financial … Continue reading “Afni Collections”

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