Definition of debt

If you are reading this, you are most likely carrying a certain amount of debt yourself. The truth is that today, it is really hard to find a person, especially in the United States of America, who is completely free from debt. Of course, reaching a state of freedom from debt is something that everybody … Continue reading “Definition of debt”

1099 c Cancellation of debt

  It is quite likely that you have many tax forms from banks, employers, lenders, stockbrokers and others sitting on your desk. For many of you, these tax forms will most likely be ultimately handled by tax professionals. There are some of you who may input the info on these forms into a certain software … Continue reading “1099 c Cancellation of debt”

How to get out of debt

How to get out of debt? Is it possible, if so, how hard can it be? There are many people asking these questions. If you are going through a hard financial time, or are are constantly under stress because of all the bills that you need to take care of every single month, then you … Continue reading “How to get out of debt”

Freedom debt relief

Is financial freedom some imaginary tale, a modern myth? Is it a fake oasis in the middle of the debt desert that most people live in? Or is it something real and achievable? Even though each person’s situation is different, we do believe that reaching a state of debt relief is really possible. Below, we … Continue reading “Freedom debt relief”

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