Consolidated Financial Statements

When it comes to financial accounting, the main objective is to generate financial reports that summarize the financial status of a company or individual. Financial statements include statement of cash flow, income statement and balance sheet. For you as an individual, it includes your income statement and expense statement. Most of the time, you do … Continue reading “Consolidated Financial Statements”

1099 c Cancellation of debt

  It is quite likely that you have many tax forms from banks, employers, lenders, stockbrokers and others sitting on your desk. For many of you, these tax forms will most likely be ultimately handled by tax professionals. There are some of you who may input the info on these forms into a certain software … Continue reading “1099 c Cancellation of debt”

Bankruptcy and your Credit

Bankruptcy has a negative connotation to most people. Arguably, the biggest benefit is the discharge it offers you from being hounded by your creditors trying to get their money back. The court exempts you from most if not all of the debts you owe. It may represent negative information on your credit and all your … Continue reading “Bankruptcy and your Credit”

Debt reduction services

Nowadays, to have a certain amount of debt is considered to be rather a common thing. However, among the many people who are carrying debt, there are people who carry so much debt that for them, it has become almost impossible to get rid of it. And this is something that should really not be … Continue reading “Debt reduction services”

Free Credit Repair

Often times, you find out about your bad credit at the worst possible time. Such rude shocks are normally an unpleasant surprise. You apply for a credit card or a small loan, and the financial institution turns you down citing bad credit. It can be frustrating because you may be in a situation where you … Continue reading “Free Credit Repair”

Fast Facts About Bankruptcy

Looking for answers to some of your bankruptcy questions? Let us make things a bit easier for you. Here are some fast facts about bankruptcy you should know in case you ever need to decide to file: The two main types of personal bankruptcy – The most common type of personal bankruptcy is called Chapter … Continue reading “Fast Facts About Bankruptcy”

Payday Loan Help

Help with Payday Loans Payday loans can be very useful for many people. Maybe you rely on your car to make money, but it broke down and you can’t afford to fix it. Or maybe you get an unexpected medical bill in between paychecks and just can’t pay it right now. In cases like these, … Continue reading “Payday Loan Help”

Drowning in Payday Loans?

There is a life raft to hang on to! You just have to know where to look for it. The life raft is a program known as payday loan debt consolidation and it has helped thousands of Americans finally get rid of those pesky payday loans. Here’s a little information about how the process works: … Continue reading “Drowning in Payday Loans?”

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