How to Prevent Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is illegal conduct where someone steals your personal information, such as your name, social security details without the person’s consent. The fraud will be committed in your name and your reputation may go down the drain. Identity thieves use the stolen identity to access medical services, apply for credit, … Continue reading “How to Prevent Identity Theft”

Fraud Alert

What is a fraud alert? A fraud alert is like is like raising a “red flag” to warn other potential lenders and creditors. It is similar to a warning written on your credit report that gives alerts to other credit card companies and other lending institutions who are potential creditors that you may have been … Continue reading “Fraud Alert”

Identity Protection

Identity Protection Service Identity theft is a serious problem in today’s connected digital world. When so much information is moving around on the internet, there are increasing instances of a thief succeeding in stealing personal information of innocent unknowing victims. Once the thief has your personal information, he/she can use that to appear as “you” … Continue reading “Identity Protection”

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