Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review

Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review

Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review
Eddie Bauer Credit Card Review

Eddie Bauer LLC is a limited liability company that operates the Eddie Bauer clothing store chain. The company has more than 300 stores in the United States. Through their partnership with Comenity bank, the company offers financing to shoppers using the Eddie Bauer credit card. If you frequently shop at Eddie Bauer, you can earn rewards with an Eddie Bauer credit card from Comenity Bank. By joining adventure rewards, you can earn additional 2% rewards on every purchase made using the credit card. Besides, you will also enjoy cardholder exclusive promotions which include special sales and pre-shopping events. The card also offers free return shipping with no annual fee charges. After you are approved and receive your account information, you will immediately start enjoying the Eddie Bauer credit card offers.

Eddie Bauer credit card features

Credit cards that are limited to one store may not be the best option as their uses are very restricted. Comenity bank Eddie Bauer credit card is among those cards. But if you are a loyal Bauer credit card account shopper, then the credit card can be a good option for you. After all, you will be purchasing most of your clothing from the store and you can easily qualify for rewards.

One benefit of having an Eddie Bauer credit card is that you will earn rewards faster. Cardholders can join adventure rewards and earn an additional 2% in rewards on purchases made using the Comenity Eddie Bauer credit card. You can also shop without worrying since a free return shipping is available in every order. Exclusive cardholder promotions are also available where shoppers can receive a special invitation to special sales and pre-shopping events. When you open and start using the Eddie Bauer credit card, you will also save an extra 10% on the purchases you make. The card does not have an expiration date.

APR and fees

Eddie Bauer credit card holders are offered with the regular store card package. The card does not charge an annual fee. However, it has an annual percentage rate of 26.99% charged on purchases. The Eddie Bauer credit card does not apply other charges like cash advance APR and cash advance fee. A late fee starting from $35 is charged for cardholders who miss monthly payments and their cards have outstanding balances. You can easily qualify for the credit card by signing up for the card at Comenity Bank.

Eddie Bauer credit cards reward program

When you have an Eddie Bauer credit card, you can earn rewards and receive exclusive benefits for your spending. Considering that the bank is not linked with other major payment networks, it can only be used to purchase items from the Bauer credit card account website or their stores. Eddie Bauer shoppers can also participate in the Bauer credit card account rewards program instead of applying for the discount card. This is a store loyalty program where customers don’t need to have a credit card for them to participate. With these reward program, also referred to as Eddie Bauer friends adventure rewards, shoppers can have up to 3% in rewards for every dollar spent on purchases. The rewards can also be exchanged for certificates that can be used in Eddie Bauer stores. If you are an Eddie Bauer credit card holder, you can start receiving the rewards immediately you get the card. Cardholders receive a 15% off of the first items purchased. You will also receive an Eddie Bauer free shipping card and benefit from free return shipping to get a free Eddie Bauer newsletter. Additionally, you will receive a $15 discount on purchases made during your birthday month. Instead of the 3% discount on every dollar spent, Eddie Bauer cardholders earn an additional 2% rewards.

But as much as the Bauer credit card accounts are offered with good rewards programs, the card has a high APR rate of 26.99%. Having a balance in the debit can also reduce your earned rewards. If you want to be part of Bauer credit card account rewards program, you can as well skip the credit debit and become an Eddie Bauer friend’s member. The debit is exclusively used in Eddie Bauer stores and may not be a good option if you need a debit with more flexibility.

The APR rate of 26.99% varies depending on the prime rate. Eddie Bauer credit card is also a store card and not a MasterCard or Visa. This means that you won’t get any cash advances or balance transfers. With the high interest rate incurred, it is important that you pay all your monthly balances in full. Cardholders can either pay their bills online or in-store. The online account service can come in handy when you want to make bill payments and manage your account.

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Dispute resolution

If you have transaction issues or other problems with your card, there are standard dispute resolution procedures to solve the problem. The resolution will begin within 30 days of receiving written notification. You will be notified when the resolution process begins and when your issue is corrected. But during this period, any disputed amount will not be reported to any credit reporting agencies.

Bottom line

With an Eddie Bauer credit account, you can shop for shoes, outerwear and other items in Eddie Bauer stores. Considering that the best clothing can be costly, getting discounts on the items you purchase will help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Eddie Bauer loyalty programs are also available where you can still earn rewards without signing up for the credit card. The card also reports to credit bureaus and responsible usage will improve your credit score. You can decide whether an Eddie Bauer card is the best option for you by going through its rewards and incentives, the terms and conditions information and make a comparison with other store cards.

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