Credit Card Re-consideration

What is a Credit Card Re-consideration Line?

Credit Card Re-consideration
Credit Card Re-consideration

As the name suggests, this is a phone number you can call to ask the credit card company to give you another shot at getting a credit card. What happens here involves offering more explanation concerning the details you gave out on the application form.

The first time you applied for a credit card was via an online form, these forms go through an automated process that will either approve or reject your application. Your approval or rejection lies in the information you gave out including credit score, your credit report as well as your income.

So, when you decide to pick up the phone and ring up the credit company, you have a chance at explaining in detail the entire information in the application form to a real person.

Since you’ll be talking to a human being, you need to plan in advance the kind of information you’ll be offering to make both your explanation and the customer service’s understanding easier. So, here are some of the tips you should consider.

What to Do Before Calling a Re-consideration Line

Since you’ll be giving out information, you’ll have to dig for some. Start by looking at your application. Find out the reasons why your application for a credit card was denied. Go an extra mile by requesting a copy of your credit report to try and understand every detail in it.

Magnify every possibility of a tip-off to the credit card company. It could be uncleared debts or several late payments. Such cases could be hard to talk your way out, but it’s not impossible.

In other cases, some computer approval systems deny applications with more than a certain number of inquiries on their credit report. However, you could be hunting for a car loan or mortgage. Since you’ll be on the line with a human, you can explain this situation.

Also, if you have multiple cards from one company, this could be a potential reason for a declination. All you have to do is explain your situation.

Tips on What to Say While on the Call

The first impression always dictates the direction your conversation will take. While talking to a customer service agent, the following holds true. Always be respectful and polite, even in a dispute when you don’t agree with them.
When you begin the conversation, start off by explaining your responsibility and loyalty. This can be achieved in 2 ways:

  • The first is by taking the representative on a brief history of all timely payments made if you are one of their long-term customers.
  • If you aren’t one of their long-time customers, persuade them with the idea of becoming one. This will work in most cases.

You can also suggest closing another account in the case you have several cards with one company.

What to Do When You Get Rejected Twice

You need to prepare for another rejection since not everything is guaranteed. However, not all is lost. There’re a number of options you can still try out.

One is by moving up the management to a senior representative or the manager. As you did with the junior, remain polite and respectful. Ask the current representative to connect you with higher authority.

If this process doesn’t yield the results, you can try calling the reconsideration line once more.

Chances are that your call will be picked up by another representative. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be starting your conversation afresh. Keep in mind that these call centers keep records of previous engagements. What you’ll be banking on will be a more sympathetic ear than the last.

State your case once more and maybe you could end up with a brand-new credit card. Also, you need to ask the exact reason for your credit card application. The reason for that is that you’ll no longer be in the dark while negotiating. Rather you’ll know which weapon will slay the credit card for you.

In the worst case, which is another rejection, you will have known the cause of your rejection. You can then start adjusting yourself and prepare for another application.

What Options Do You Have After Credit Card Application is Declined?

There are still some viable options after a denied application. One is by reviewing the letter sent to you by the credit card company that explains the reasons that influenced their decision. Once you’ve done that, you can respond to the issues raised in front of a new face. This may not work, but you don’t have anything to lose.

You can also contact the company via their online portal. Send a brief note explaining your situation. These online notes get reviews from senior employees, so, you have a good chance of getting a phone call from the bank.

You can also go for the online chat platform in the case that you are not an existing customer. You can get access to a senior employee by using this avenue.

Credit Companies with Reconsideration Lines

A number of credit card companies have a list of various customer service lines you can use to get in touch with them.

Below are a number of companies that offer reconsideration lines that may help in getting that credit card. However, you need to keep checking for the most recent line since these companies change their lines quite often. You also need to have your social security number and your zip code on standby.

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • BarclayCard
  • Capital One
  • CitiBank
  • Chase
  • Wells Fargo


The reconsideration line offered by a credit card company is just one weapon in your arsenal to get that much-needed credit card after your first application.

The bottom line remains that you have to remain composed and polite while on the call. Also, don’t chicken out from asking for audience with a senior employee should you fail to get common ground with the current representative.

Also, remember that winners never quit and quitters never win. This means that you don’t have to stop when you hit the first roadblock. Keep on trying other avenues until you get a credit card.

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