synchrony bank amazon payment

If you want to make payment for purchasing items at Amazon, store card which is issued by Synchrony bank is worth considering. The card can be used for purchases. To use the store card, you need to select physical stores that accept the card as one of their payment options.

Once your card is approved, you will also receive an gift card that comes with a described value which is loaded in the cardholders account. There are no annual fees charged on the card. However, the card cannot just be used anywhere but only for purchases. store card is just like any other credit card, only that is it exclusively used for Synchrony bank amazon payment. The card is one of the best store cards and comes with benefits too. If you are an store cardholder, you will get;

  • 5% back on purchases up to $149
  • Either a 5% back or 6 months financing for purchases totaling $149 or more. If you pay your balance in full within 6 months, no interest is charged.


  • 24 months special financing on select items. In this offer, cardholders get 24 months with 0% APR on specified items on But just like other offers, you have to pay the balance in full to avoid an interest charge.


  • 5% back or 12 months financing on purchases of $599 or more

Other benefits and features of store card

Instant credit decision

After you apply for the card, you will receive a response within 15 seconds. You can also start making purchases once you are approved.

$10 gift card

This will be loaded to the cardholders account after approval.

No annual fee

Contrary to many credit cards, the card does not attract an annual fee charge.

Zero fraud liability

This will protect the cardholder from any unauthorized charges on their store card account.

Besides these benefits, you will also benefit from a 0% APR on purchases if you decide to pay purchases in 12 equal monthly installments. This can come in handy when you want to make major purchases like holiday shopping.

Amazon Prime Store Card

The Amazon Prime store card which is an upgrade from Amazon store card is also one of the Synchrony bank store credit cards issued to customers who frequently shop at Once you get the card, you automatically upgrade to amazon prime membership. Amazon Prime members can benefit from Prime music and a Kindle lending library, free two-day shipping on specific items and Prime Instance Video. If you are yet to sign up for the Amazon Prime and you make purchases of more than $750 at Amazon, the card can be the best option for you to earn rewards. For you to qualify as a Prime member, you have to spend at least $1980 on the card every year. If you decide to cancel your Prime membership, you will still remain an store cardholder and enjoy promotional financing offers. The card, which has an APR of 25.99% can only be used for Amazon purchases.

Amazon Prime store card can come in handy if you are a frequent shopper who wants to save extra cash while earning rewards. The card offers 5% back on total purchases. The store card does not charge a monthly annual fee, but you need to have good credit for you to qualify. Membership currently costs $99 per year. If you are a student, you will be charged $49 annually.

Is Amazon Prime store card worth having?

Several cards will allow customers to save money when purchasing items at However, most of them come with restrictions. Even when the 5% cash back is given on purchases, some offer them only at specific times of the year or only after you purchase items up to a specified limit. This makes Amazon Prime store card worth considering for Synchrony bank amazon payment.

Are there any drawbacks?

Even with the many benefits, the card has some downsides too. One disadvantage of the Amazon prime store card is its restricted use. The card can only be used by customers who shop on their website. Again, it has a high APR of 25.99%. But you can still avoid this rate by paying off your monthly balances on time. The benefit of paying for large purchases for a period of 6 months with no interest charges can also sound appealing, but if you don’t pay off your debt on time, you may end up with a larger bill to pay. Besides, the card can only be used at You also cannot use the card to purchase;

  • Amazon Prime membership
  • For downloading games and software at
  • Digital newspapers and magazine subscriptions
  • Other gift cards

Making a payment on amazon store card account

You can make payment by signing into your Synchrony bank online account. Payments can also be made over the phone or by mail.

Is Amazon store card worth it?

The decision to sign up for any credit card can be challenging, no matter what the benefits and drawbacks are. It all depends on whether or not the card offers will work for you. If you are a regular shopper, Synchrony credit cards can work well with you. But you first need to be aware of the fine prints and avoid pilling a bigger balance. A 5% cash back is a generous offer, but a 25.99% APR can be terrifying.


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