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Top Credit Repair Companies: All You Need to Know

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As time changes, it becomes increasingly difficult to do anything without an excellent credit rating. Unfortunately, this is a typical problem faced by many people. In today’s economic situation, it is certain that a bad credit score will affect your financial health. Also, bad financial health leads to negative outcomes such as rejection of loan application and higher interest rate among others.

Credit repair companies aim to help you remove negative items from your credit report. These negative credit scores include repossessions, liens and late payment to mention a few. However, finding the right credit repair company is a tedious task, especially with so many options available.

How do you know who to trust? Also, whose claims are true? That’s where this article comes in. To help you choose the best, we’ve analyzed some of the best credit repair companies out there.


Established in 1997, is one of the industry’s most well-rounded credit repair service providers. They have been credited with removing about 1.5 million negative items from their customer’s credit reports. Some of the outstanding features that gave them the number spot on this list include:

    • A streamlined website where viewers easily access information.
    • Easy to understand results which are displayed clearly for the customers to see.
    • An outstanding list of their trusted partners is available on their site for reference purposes.
    • They have a simple yet effective process for repairing their customer’s credit.

How does works? uses the simple yet powerful 3-step process to repair your credit report. First, when you sign up, they pull up all your credit report and organize it. The method of assembling the report is to make it easier for you to identify the bad items. It also helps to know precisely where to focus their energy and build a suitable game plan.

Then their experts interact directly with your credit company to ensure they meet their obligations in regards to your credit. In this step, they also contact the credit bureaus to confirm the changes that have been made.

Then they proceed to remove negative items from your credit report thereby improving your credit score.


      • 24/7 credit monitoring services.
      • There is an online dashboard that can be personalized.
      • A credit score tracker.
      • A comprehensive section dedicated to education where viewers can learn about credit scores, reports and repair.
      • They boast a very high average (11.6) of credit removal per customer.


      • Their services are quite expensive.
      • You can’t tell who their experts are.
      • They are not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) association. is a great choice to consider when searching for a reputable credit repair service provider. Although their services are expensive, it is worth it. Moreover, a company can still meet the standards of the Better Business Bureau without being a member.

2. Lexington Law

They are one of the best in the credit repair companies in the industry, and the reasons for such claims are enormous. Lexington Law provides their customers with helpful articles, eBooks, newsletters and educational resources. All those are part of the aim to help you learn more about your credit. They also offer advice on how you can manage and improve your credit score better.


  • They provide up to 16% couples discount.
  • There is no additional fee when signing up.
  • They provide you with regular update and progress report.
  • They are a part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.
  • Dispute up to 15 items monthly.


  • The absence of educational videos
  • Lack of a dedicated customer agent.

Sky Blue credit provides one of the best credit services for value in the industry.

3. Ovation Credit Repair

Established in 2004, Ovation Credit Repair is among the favorite credit repair companies in the industry. It gives you a choice to choose between two of their plans – the Essential and the Essential plus. These plans will determine the number of negative items that are removed from your credit report. Ovation Credit also has a blog that is updated with articles on a weekly basis where you can learn about credit repairs.They assign a dedicated agent to you after signing up as well as a team of advisors who will help you in the absence of the agent. Ovation Credit is a member of all three credit bureau and offers a good discount for couples.


  • A dedicated agent as well as a team of advisors assigned to you.
  • Get 16% discount when you register as a couple.
  • It is a member of the three credit bureaus.
  • An unlimited number of disputes.
  • It allows you to cancel anytime you want.


  • Lack of enough educational materials for customers.
  • You have to sign up for a third party service if you want ID protection.

Ovation credit provides many benefits to ensure that their customer’s request is met. When register with them you get to enjoy all those benefits and at an affordable price too.

4. The Credit People

When it comes to excellent customer service in the industry, the Credit people are at the forefront. Immediately after signing up for their services, they assign a team of three people to you. Also, you access to their toll-free customer service line. They also allow you to choose your preference (that is if you prefer one-on-one than a team).


  • You can track your credit score progress through the dashboard.
  • Choose between one-on-one service and their customer service team.
  • Low monthly fees.


  • Only 2% discount is available for couples.

5. Score Cure

Score Cure services are primarily targeted at helping you repair your credit report so you can secure home loans and stand a better chance with interest rates. They provide their customers with a vast network of auto lenders, realtors, mortgage and lawyers. This helps them to improve their credit score and meet their target.


  • They help their customers’ secure home loans.
  • Pair customers with lawyers that can represent them in court when the need arises.
  • An unlimited number of disputes.


  • Their monthly fee is expensive.

6. Credit Saints

Credit saints have a 45-day cycle in which they work on your credit score and send you the report. The report is from the three credit bureaus, and it will help you track the progress of your credit.


  • It gives its customer money back guarantee of 90 days.
  • Low monthly fees
  • Online transparency.


  • Its availability is limited.

7. Fowler and Fowler

Established in 1992, Fowler and Fowler have been helping customers repair their credit report. Also a part of the Sebring Chamber of Commerce and provide the customers with personalized credit repair services.


  • They provide free credit evaluation to customers.
  • Low membership fees.
  • Online transparency.


  • They lack transparency.

8. Attractive credit

Attractive Credit is a credit repair company that helps its customers to improve and repair their credit score. They do that by educating the customers about how to report a credit. They also help their customers to dispute omission and errors with the various credit reporting agencies.


  • Average membership fee.
  • Provide updates on your credit score.
  • They give counseling too.


  • No refund.

In conclusion, enlisting the help of a credit company to help you put your credit report in order is essential. This article has analyzed some of the best credit repair companies there are out there. Also, we hope it helps you answer your entire question in searching for a suitable one.

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