Lexington Law Credit Repair Reviews

Lexington Law Credit Repair Reviews
Lexington Law Credit Repair Reviews

Since 2004, Lexington Law has been offering the excellent credit repair services. In fact, it is the largest law firm dealing with inaccurate entries in the client’s credit reports.

10.2 is the average number of entries removed from credit reports within the first 4 months. At Lexington Law, you have access to a team of paralegals and lawyers who knows everything regarding consumer laws on their fingertips.
They leverage this knowledge to challenge credit bureaus and creditors to prove the accuracy of disputed entries. The result is a happy client after consistent and unsuccessful attempts to have the entries purged from their reports.
This review will take a look at various aspects of Lexington Law. Read on to find out more.

What Does Lexington Law Do?

Lexington Law helps clients with queries regarding inaccurate entries made by credit bureaus and creditors in their credit reports.

Inaccurate entries are common with credit companies, but Lexington Law has dedicated its operations to challenging the creditors to correct the entries or remove them altogether. They do this by analyzing your credit report together with you.

A single wrong entry can damage years of hard work you put into building your credit history. Everything will come crumbling down due to a single mouse click. The process is quite simple. The advocate will challenge the creditor to prove that the entry is fair and valid. If they fail to do that, the wrongful item must be eliminated from your records.

One of the ways to maintain a good score is by reducing the number of credit checks while managing the credit wisely.

Good Ratings from Clients

Many clients have reported fantastic and positive results after hiring Lexington Law to challenge creditors regarding inaccurate entries. After speaking to a professional and providing details about the problem, the next step is to wait.

However, you won’t wait for too long. Three weeks is enough to correct these entries. You’ll receive letters informing you of the elimination of the wrong entry. If you had such entries, your score will take a hit, closing doors to other loans in the future. After correction, you can expect a gradual rise in the score over the following months.

How Does Lexington Law Work?

Many people think they are a scam. However, for more than 14 years, Lexington Law has helped many people.
In fact, 2017 saw the company challenge at least 10 million inaccurate items and had them removed from their clients’ reports. Of course, not all results are similar. Different clients have varying results.

How Lexington Law Repairs Your Credit

First of all, it is your right to challenge any inaccurate entry in your credit report. With the law on your side, Lexington Law challenges the creditors to prove the accuracy and legitimacy of the entries. This is only done once you sit down with a professional and go through the report. Below is the entire process.

Lexington Law will get your credit report from three different sources. TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. They use all three credit bureaus for higher accuracy. Once done, they’ll craft a plan that suits your situation.
Afterward, you’ll get access to a paralegal and an attorney who will take over your case. They’ll start a correspondence process with the creditors and with their experience in law and credit repair, they’ll start eliminating the negative entries from your credit report.

After the process starts, you’ll receive monthly reports of your credit score as it improves. In addition, the Lexington team will also provide you with extra tips on how you can further improve your score.

Besides the random tips, you can apply for custom advice regarding the same with a paralegal by contacting Lexington Law by website chat, email or phone. Lexington Law offers a quick and easy way to check your query status. You can do this by either accessing the firm’s website portal or via the mobile app.

Furthermore, you will begin receiving responses regarding your queries straight from the credit bureaus. Afterward, you need to forward the information to the team at Lexington handling your case so that they can update their progress.

Lexington is ready to answer any questions you may have. They also update you as soon as there are changes with your dispute. These efforts ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Duration of the Dispute

The complexity of your case and the willingness to cooperate by the creditors and credit bureaus have a massive effect on the dispute duration. The more complex the matter, the longer your case will drag.

Are There Guarantees?

No guarantees are offered when it comes to the legal services involved. As it is with any business, you cannot guarantee 100% success during the onset. The same happens while dealing with creditors and credit bureaus. Making an accurate prediction is impossible.

What Type of Disputes Does Lexington Handle?

In 2016, Lexington Law helped their clients eliminate at least 9 million wrongful entries for their credit reports. Below are some of the disputes they handle:

  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgements
  • Student loans
  • Identity theft
  • Medical bills
  • Garnishments
  • Repossessions
  • Divorce
  • Tax Liens
  • Settlements
  • Foreclosures
  • Hard inquiries

Is It Possible for Eliminated Items to Re-appear on a Credit Report?

Yes, but on rare occasions. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus have to inform you before re-reporting a previously deleted entry.

On top of that, once they delete an entry, they have only 5 days to re-report it. Any re-reporting after this timeframe elapses violates the FCRA. As you can see, the FCRA has made it an uphill task for creditors and credit bureaus to re-report an entry.

Lexington Law’s Physical Location

You can find their headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah. Nevertheless, their services are available countrywide in a number of states where they have their offices. Moreover, you don’t need to walk into a physical office. All services are available on their website and you can call a representative at any time.

What are their Charges?

Lexington Law offers 3 tiers of services:

  • The Concord Standard which goes for $89.95 a month
  • The Concord Premier which goes for $109.95 a month. In this package, you’ll benefit from credit inquiries, credit monitoring and extra services unavailable in the standard package.
  • The PremierPlus which goes for $129.95 a month. In addition to the services offered in the standard and premier packages, you’ll also get your FICO Score straight from TransUnion every month. Furthermore, you’ll also get instant alerts on fraud including identity theft. You’ll also get access to tools to help you manage personal finances.

Does Lexington Offer Discounts for People in the Military, couples and Family Members?

Yes, they do. In fact, if family members or both couples sign up together, they’ll get 50% off the first fee. For your payment as well as your spouse’s, the discount will be applied automatically. Also, military members will enjoy the 50% discount off the first fee.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Lexington doesn’t enter into contracts with clients. Therefore, there are no obligations involved. However, it is recommended that you give them ample time to carry out their job for the best results. Nevertheless, if for any reason you want to quit, you can go ahead and do it.


With at least 14 years of experience, Lexington Law has proved to be reliable when it comes to credit repair services. The glowing results and customer testimonials speak for the firm. They have successfully eliminated many wrongful entries while improving the credit scores of their clients.

In addition to credit repair, Lexington Law also offers protection against identity theft to protect their clients’ profiles. Therefore, with such services, if you are looking for a credit repair company with additional services, you can rely on Lexington Law to help you.

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