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Ovation Credit
Ovation Credit

Ovation is a credit repair service company just like Lexington Law and Sky Blue. Only that they don’t have the reputation the last two companies have. However, their services speak for them.

Ovation offers freedom and flexibility with their numerous options tailor-made just for you. In addition, Ovation has affordable plans with a number of benefits to help you repair your credit. They also offer independent packages such as the Fast Track program which offers same-day service, but an extra fee. You’ll also benefit from protection against identity theft.

What’s more, they offer these services at an affordable rate which will fit right into your pocket. If you need their services, you can go ahead and contact them.

How Does Ovation Credit Services Work?

The company offers their services based on an in-depth research on the credit bureau tactics, consumer credit laws and persistence for their clients. To get their services, you’ll need to sign up where you’ll also access free consultation.

While going through the consultation, one of the professionals will help you select the best plan. There are two plans available, the Essentials Plus and the Essentials plans.

At this point, Ovation will require you to furnish them with a credit report from Experian. For Equifax and TransUnion, they will get those for you. After providing them with your credit report, they will start building a case for you and you can use the login portal to view the progress.

After crafting a plan for you, Ovation will seek to handle the items that need to be challenged. If anything pops up during the process, Ovation will contact and update you.

Essential and Essential Plus

With the Essentials Plan, you have access to the dispute manager where you can pick the items you want Ovation to dispute giving the reasons why.

In addition, you also have access to a personal manager who will attend to your case by giving you valuable advice on the way forward as well as how to repair your credit. You can also email or call them with queries or any other issues.

Furthermore, you have exclusive access to your account via a secure website at any time of the day. On top of that, you have, at your disposal, a wide range of tools you can use on a number of financial matters such as debts and education.

On the other hand, the Essentials Plus plan comes with extra features. First is the unlimited creditor goodwill letters and the unlimited challenge validation. There’s also the Ovation recommendation letter you can use to your advantage. Plus, you can also benefit from constant TransUnion credit monitoring.

This plan is the best for you, although that will depend on what you have in your credit report. The monitoring service is also a great tool.

How Long Does Ovation Take to Repair Your Credit?

Ovation strives to repair your credit as soon as possible. However, the duration of the repair will depend on the situation of your bad credit and how well the creditors and the credit bureaus cooperate.

Ovation also offers a fast track program which you can use to quicken the process of credit repair including disputes with the creditors.

On average, according to Ovation’s website, customer have seen around 19 points improvement on their reports. Therefore, you can get an idea of what Ovation can do for you. The improvements include fall offs, deletion and other positive reports in their account.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, there is. Ovation offers their customers 100% guarantee. For example, should they fail to deliver on certain agreed-upon services, they’ll refund the fee charges for the month.

Nevertheless, Ovation doesn’t guarantee specific results regarding your credit score. Although they will do their best to achieve a positive result.

What Do they Eliminate for Your Credit Report?

Ovation removes all types of negative entries from foreclosures and charge-offs to bankruptcies and collections. Also, any item reported to the bureaus and eventually listed on your report can be eliminated. Keep in mind that there are no promises whatsoever regarding the removal of the items, but it is possible.

Ovation also allows you to pick the items you’d like to remove or would like Ovation to focus on. You’ll also get a personal case manager to attend to your case as well as personalized advice. However, you’ll need to explain why the negative items ended up on your report.

Can the Items Reappear on Your Credit Report After Elimination?

Yes, they can, but it will be quite difficult for such a scenario. This is because creditors have only 5 days to re-report a deleted item. However, once the 5 days have lapsed, they cannot re-report the item since they’ll be in violation of the FCRA.

Nevertheless, you can rest easy because Ovation uses proven techniques to ensure all negative items remain permanently deleted from your credit report. You can always reach out to them to know more about the tactics they use.

What Are the Costs?

Regardless of the plan you select, you’ll have to part with $114 for the first work fee. Afterward, you’ll pay $69 per month if you’re on the Essentials Plan or $99 every month if you’re on the Essentials Plus Plan. In addition, you can also buy the additional packages like the Fast Track which goes for $25 for a one-time same-day processing.

Are There Any Discounts?

Yes, there are discounts for referrals, household members and family members. If you decide to move from credit repair company to Ovation, you’ll receive a $50 credit. There’re also discounts for military personnel.

You can also save through referrals. You’ll receive $30 off if you refer a friend and $50 off if you refer a couple. This amount will be credited into your account after they’ve signed up.

What’s more, you’ll also get a 20% discount if you create an account with another person using the “couples discount’” regardless of whether you are married or you’re a couple.

You’ll get this discount if you sign up with another person independent of where they live or the relationship between the two of you.

Cancelling Ovation Credit Services

After you’re satisfied with Ovation’s services, you easily cancel your plan with Ovation. All you have to do is contact them via a call to cancel your plan.

You’ll not be charged anything after cancellation and you can start enjoying a life with an improved credit like getting loans with favorable terms and interest rates.

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