Sky Blue Credit Repair Reviews

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Sky Blue Credit Repair Reviews
Sky Blue Credit Repair Reviews

When looking for the best credit repair company, read various Sky Blue Credit reviews to see why it is the best service provider. The reviews are from industry professionals and real customers.

Sky Blue Credit Repair has been offering excellent credit repair services and restoration of cards to those seeking to repair their bad credit rating. The company provides credit repair services countrywide and is compliant with the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). Furthermore, the service provider is among the companies that are certified and listed with the state Attorney General Office. Sky Blue Credit Repair offers a professional evaluation of negative items to dispute, credit score assistance, a promise of faster item disputes and credit repairing guidance to every client. Sky Blue Credit Repair also offers other services such as debt validation, goodwill letters, and negotiation guidance for those clients who need. The credit repair firm specializes in cleaning up the bad credit and rebuilding the credit scores within a short time for every client. This article offers detailed Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews that can help you make an informed decision.


Sky Blue Credit Repair helps clients to start their credit rebuilding journey. Once a client submits a simple online document, the Sky Blue Credit Repair’s professionals will start the process.

  • Experienced Staff
    The company works with highly trained credit repair experts who will professionally manage every customer’s credit bureau disputes. The company assures that its specialties to give honest feedback, realistic expectations and also effective credit repair solutions. The company has various customer service initiatives that ensure there is unmatched transparency.
  • Credit Report Suggestions
    Once a client enrolls, the company appraisal the possible credit issues and will identify the possible negative items to dispute that will help in repairing the credit. Additionally, the company offers personal and personalized FICO score recommendations that comprise credit score optimization and valid credit repairing procedure and guideline.
  • Number of Items Removed
    The primary goal of Sky Blue Credit Repair is to eliminate a high number of negative items on the customer’s credit report within a short time. Most credit repair companies will take an extended period to repair the credit score of a client successfully. Sky Blue Credit Repair, on the other hand, assures its clients to dispute almost 15 items, whereby five items disputer per credit bureau after 35 days. Albeit the credit rebuilding process tends to differ based on the situation of the credit, Sky Blue Credit Repair strives to offer quick and unmatched solution irrespective of the situation at hand.
  • Package Discount
    According to many Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews, this is the only company that gives out a discount for every couple that signs up with its credit repair solutions. This means that partners have a chance to sign up concurrently and rebuild their credit. Sky Blue Credit Repair couple package discount lets partners save a lot of money every month. While it is usual for couples to enroll for credit repair solution together, the majority of credit repair firms do not offer this special package.
  • Dispute procedure
    Sky Blue Credit Repair is the leading firm that utilizes a simple 3-step credit dispute procedure to get rid of the negative incorrectness. The firm strives to dispute the customer’s negative items with the three major credit bureaus. When the negative items disputed are not resolved, the company’s professionals will send the personalized re-disputes to the three major credit bureaus. The procedure is meant to increase the customer’s chances as attaining their anticipated credit result.
  • Cancellation and refund policy
    Sky Blue Credit Repair allows its clients to cancel the already signed up service at any moment without extra fees or obligation. Clients can stop their membership by visiting the Sky Blue Portal or by directly coordinating over the phone with the help of the company’s representatives.Additionally, the company provides a 90-day money-back guarantee for all unsatisfied customers. If you are not happy with the first three months of your membership with the company, you can get a refund of all the cash without any extra conditions.

The Bad

Even though Sky Blue Credit Repair has been offering credit repair services for more than 20 years, there are some areas that the company needs to work on. Here are some of the things that every client should know before enrolling.

  • Cancellation and refund policy
    Sky Blue Credit Repair allows its clients to cancel the already signed up service at any moment without extra fees or obligation. Clients can stop their membership by visiting the Sky Blue Portal or by directly coordinating over the phone with the help of the company’s representatives.
  • Case set-up coast
    Sky Blue Credit Repair charges its clients an opening fee of $69 after the first six days of services offered.
  • Package options
    The company only provides limited package alternatives while other credit repair companies in the credit rebuilding industry offer a wide range of services and packages.

What Makes Sky Blue A Good Option For Credit Repair?

  • Quick results
    Sky Blue Credit understands the importance of repairing your credit urgent. A bad credit rating will bring a negative impact on the matters like loan application, interest rates on loans and many more. Sky Blue Credit prides in offering the fastest services in the industry and claim to give its customers 15 credit item disputes per 35 days.
  • Professional advice
    The company works with experienced professionals who will evaluate your credit report and provide a specific action plan that will help you repair the credit rating.
  • The pro benefit
    The team of professionals is always ready to analyze every information concerning your credit history to identify some mistakes and hard-to-spot compliance problems that could be hurting your credit score.
  • Personalized approach
    Sky Blue Credit does not provide cookie-cutter services when repairing your credit like other service providers. The experts understand that the needs of all clients are not the same. For this reason, they create a customized approach and solution that is specifically designed for your credit repair.

What is the cost of repairing credit at Sky Blue Credit?

The company charges a monthly fee of $69 that is similar to other services in the industry. The good thing about Sky Blue is that they charge once the work is done and not in advance.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating and Client Reviews

The company has a BBB rating of A+. On top of that, they have a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from Trustlink and more than 25 reviews from previous clients. According to sky blue credit repair reviews left by former clients, the majority of customers were impressed by the solutions. The clients even claimed to have augmented their FICO score by 200 points.

Is Sky Blue Credit Worth It?

Sky Blue Credit strives to deliver the results you deserve, and this makes it worth the price. The company has some attractive features like the pay-as-you-go pricing model and quick results. It also has a three-month money-back guarantee and makes the decision a no-brainer. Having been offering the services for more than two decades and a BBB rating of A+, you will never regret by selecting Sky Blue credit repairing services.

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