Credit Score Range

History of FICO Credit Score It used to be that lenders had a problem determine consumer behavior. It was difficult to determine the borrower who will be able to pay off a loan and one who cannot. The Fair Isaac Corporation started evaluating consumer behavior in 1956; they used information from the credit reporting bureaus. … Continue reading “Credit Score Range”

Different Types of Credit

How Does Applying for Different Types of Credit Affect Your Credit Score? Applying for a loan or credit and making payments on time is one of the ways you can use to improve your credit score. But this is not the only option available to people who want to have an attractive credit score-the type … Continue reading “Different Types of Credit”

Average Credit Score

Average Credit Score Your credit score shows if you can borrow money from financial companies. It also shows if you can take certain things on credit or not. Before anyone offers you a credit facility they will want to know more about your spending habits, how you repay your debts and the amount of cash … Continue reading “Average Credit Score”

Types of Accounts

6 Main Accounts On Your Credit Report When was the last time you checked your credit report? Like many people, I guess that it’s been quite a while. According to a new report by consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB), very few people bother to check their credit reports annually as it is required. Some people … Continue reading “Types of Accounts”

Truth in Lending Act

Before the introduction of the Truth in Lending Act, borrowers took loans without understanding all the terms of the loan. Lenders used different loan terms and borrowers struggled to understand what they all meant. It was all difficult for borrowers to compare loan terms and conditions before making a decision. The Truth in Lending Act … Continue reading “Truth in Lending Act”

Transunion Dispute

TransUnion Dispute: A Fast Way to Correct Credit Report Errors Credit scores are vital to transactions, especially when they have to do with credit cards, loans of any kind and mortgages. This is why it is essential that you have the correct information about your credit score at every given time. Remember that the strength … Continue reading “Transunion Dispute”

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