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Credit Com
Credit Com is one of the leading firms in giving you access to their credit scores using Experian information. The website offers vital tools you may need to monitor your credit, plus other relevant resources you may need in the course of accessing your credit information.

Features of

In order to access your credit information, you need to create a free account on the online portal of the website. Although you aren’t required to enter any credit card information while creating your account, you should provide basic information to verify your identity. After that, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard displaying your financial records and current standings.
How then does the website make money if the services are free? You may ask. Well, by upselling other related services. For instance, once you are logged into your account, there are other services like identity theft protection which you are required to part with a certain amount to access.
Another income generating activity for the website is selling financial products to the consumers such as home loans, refinance loans, auto loans, and credit cards.

Why you Need Free Credit Score Checks

We are living in harsh economic times where money dictates everything. As a result, finding yourself short of cash and borrowing to bridge the deficit shouldn’t come as a surprise irrespective of your economic status. Unfortunately, no one is immune to bad debts which may lead to bad credit histories. However, there comes a time you shall require a good credit score and there is nowhere else to get it free other than credit. com.
Even if the score is free, you don’t receive the typical FICO credit score that most lenders refer to when establishing whether you are viable for financing. With that said, you still get a win as it’s not compulsory to submit your credit card to access the free scores.
After applying for the free credit scores, the website further offers another free package called a credit report card. This service entails analyzing your credit report while educating you on the types of business entries that are affecting your overall credit score negatively. The credit report card also displays choices of change you can adapt on to improve your score.
What’s amazing is that they alert you when there is an important change in your reports, at least once on a monthly basis.

How Credible and Accurate is the Credit Score Obtained

Once you are registered, there are two sets of credits scores that are drawn from your financial background – the VantageScore 3.0 and the Credit Bureau Experian.
The scores you make are sampled and analyzed to tally your FICO credit scores.

And although the scores may not help for in case you want to borrow from a financial institution, they are a great measuring yardstick to the general health condition of your credit position. Juxtaposed to Its Competitors

Where does the uniqueness of the website come in? What’s special about credit. com? Everything about this platform is straightforward. You get personalized action plan that is pegged to your credit report history. For instance, if you happen to have high debt utilization, they will recommend it. This feature is marketed as a customized package that is compiled and custom-made for you by their experts. However, in real sense, all this is run through a computer algorithm to determine the advice.

Just like any other online services such as,, and others, helps augment your credit scores from their services and its free. However, its advisable to register with multiple credit reporting agencies because each agency has different credit appraisal services.

Other Services Offered by

Apart from unmetered access to your credit scores, also affords you the following services.

  • Credit Report Card
    A credit report card ensures that you understand the information on your personal credit card means in relation to your credit history.It puts together a report of all your debit and credit transactions to show you where your money is going. Additionally, you get access to in-depth statistical data in percentage form showing how frequent and timely you are in paying back your dues. If your payments overall outlook is below 100%, something needs to be checked.
  • Credit Monitoring
    After registration, credit monitoring happens automatically. You are simply required to manually set up the intervals you want your credit monitored either weekly or monthly.The magic doesn’t stop there. This service is expansive and you can apply for a more inclusive monitoring paid for service.
    The paid service monitors and helps you navigate full access to your Experian Credit Report and your actual FICO score. That’s an advantage in the long term, as you can see what lenders require. Moreover, you get an instant alert when your credit report changes. Literally meaning you have your credit score monitored in real time.

Final Remarks

If you are looking to establish your credit rating position, is a great place to start. It’s easy and free to register, and offers a cohort of other services to keep you on the know. We hope this article gives you the basic information you need to navigate through the complicated world of financial credit.

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