Transunion Dispute

TransUnion Dispute: A Fast Way to Correct Credit Report Errors

Transunion Dispute
Transunion Dispute

Credit scores are vital to transactions, especially when they have to do with credit cards, loans of any kind and mortgages. This is why it is essential that you have the correct information about your credit score at every given time. Remember that the strength of your credit score depending on the score range plays a very vital role in determining the interest rate you will pay on loan and the assurance you will have as to you getting a loan or not.

Credit Report Error

Sometimes, in the process of entering your score in your report, there is a likelyhood that errors might occur. These errors then result in you having a credit score you shouldn’t be having if things were to be normal. While some of these errors are minor, some are costly and if not addressed can have adverse effects on your transactions.

Going by a report made available by the Federal Trade Commission responsible for credit scores, about 20% of credit card reports are erroneous, and these type of errors fall more in the costly category as much money is being lost by individuals yearly due to these errors. So if you notice any mistake in your credit report or have noticed one at any point, there is no need to be worried as it is possible to have such error(s) rectified and your credit score normalized. In correcting a credit report or score error, all you will need to do is to file a dispute and this you can do with TransUnion’s dispute.

TransUnion Dispute

TransUnion is a credit reporting agencies just like the many other credit reporting agencies we have around. However, TransUnion stands itself out in the many ways it makes it easy and effective for individuals with disputed credit to be able to file a report against such entry, manage the dispute and follow up the correction. In making use of TransUnion to settle your credit score dispute, the website has been designed in such a way that individuals are able not just to understand it, but also to be able to make use of it effectively. Alternatively, a system has been set up that makes it easy for individuals with errors in their credit report have direct access to the bureau’s hotline which can be reached at any time all through the day.

How to Correct a Dispute Using TransUnion

First, the website has been properly designed and structured in such a way as to make it very easy for individuals to be able to navigate through various tabs on the site. So to correct your disputed credit score online making use of TransUnion’s dispute, follow these steps carefully.

  • Access the official website of TransUnion where you will see Credit Report Assistance.
  • Click on the Credit report assistance which will provide you with several options to address the credit report dispute. Of the many options made available, click on the ‘file a dispute’ option.
  • On the file a dispute page, you will be requested to provide your login details which include the username and password of your credit report account to give you access to it from TransUnion’s website.
  • After entering your username and password and have access your credit report, the next thing to do is to file a dispute.
  • The process of filing a dispute is not so much of a complicated one, but there are specific dynamics to filing your credit report dispute for effective and speedy rectification.

How to File Dispute with TransUnion

  • For many who have little or no knowledge about filing a dispute to correct an error in your credit score report, here are the necessary steps to follow when making use of TransUnion.
  • The first and fundamental step to take when filing a dispute with TransUnion is to create an account on the website’s database. Upon creating an account, TransUnion will provide you with the relevant details needed to correct your credit score error.
  • The next thing is to provide relevant information about you which will include: your name, date of birth, your work and email address. In entering this information, it is essential that you do so carefully and correctly. Information entered must also correspond with that of your credit report account.
  • The next thing is to enter on the page your SSN as well as your mailing address to allow for easy communication and have you ascertained as well.
  • If in less than two years, you have changed your address, make sure to do away with your current address and make use of the previous address used for your credit report account. If you have spent more than two years in your current location, it is crucial you first change your credit report address before commencing the filing a dispute process.
  • After including your address, the next thing to do is to include your File Identification Number that is on your credit report as this helps in tracing your credit report among the many other credit reports available on the credit reporting agency’s database.
  • Also, in filing a dispute making use of TransUnion, you are able not just to rectify errors in report, but you can also be able to correct certain mistakes in the personal information supplied to the credit reporting agency.
  • When all of this information is provided, you will then need to verify. It is at this stage of the whole process that you will lodge your complaint and spot specifically what the error is and where it occurred.

Credit report errors might be inevitable, but with TransUnion’s dispute, they can be rectified. If in the process of filing your dispute you encounter any difficulty, TransUnion’s customer care can always put you through the process and ensure clarity. Upon filing the dispute, it is reviewed, and if it passes the review, your credit report will be corrected, and your credit score will return to normal. There is really no big deal about the whole process.

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