Consolidated funding application

Consolidation funding application
Consolidation funding application

Debt Consolidation Loan

Most people have debts. The different types of loans include student loans, mortgages, car loans and credit card balances. As long as you can pay your loans on time, then you are on the right path to financial freedom. However, you cannot get too comfortable because you never know what may happen in the future. You can lose your job or something may happen which affects your repayments. This is why you need to consider the consolidated funding application option.

Being in a position where you have several debts that you cannot pay can be stressful. Consolidation can help you simplify what you currently owe to different creditors. It involves bringing together various debt balances into one single loan with a lower interest rate. If you have card loans from different institutions with high interests or multiple student loans, then consolidation will help you manage your payment in a better way.

Even though this option does not rub off your debt, it allows you to sign up for an affordable loan. Lenders in our network have payment plans that ensure a greater percentage of your monthly installment is directed towards paying off the actual balance.

What to Consider When Applying For Consolidated Funds

  1. What to Consider When Applying For Consolidated Funds
    What to Consider When Applying For Consolidated Funds

    Consolidation is not going to remove your debts. It is a process that helps you combine your debt balance into one payment with a lower interest rate. You also have the chance to pay reduced monthly installments.

  2. Choosing consolidated funds is not a quick fix strategy but rather a solution for not defaulting payments.
  3. You will be responsible for paying a single monthly installment to one lender. The moment you consolidate your debts, you will stop paying your different creditors. Your new lender would have paid your debts for you, hence you will be dealing with one creditor only.
  4. Lenders working with us have experience and are able to negotiate with your creditors. Their efforts will result in lower interest rates. They work as the link between you and your creditors. Your creditors will no longer contact you.
  5. Ensure you stop accumulating more debt when under consolidation. For a successful consolidation endeavor, you need to avoid accumulating additional debt during your repayment period. As soon as you complete a particular debt, it is better to close that account.
  6. Give preference to an account that is easy to maintain after you complete your debts. It is sensible to refrain from accumulating more debt while you are trying to get rid of what is already on hand.
  7. Consider changing your poor financial habits. This is important because it will keep you from getting back into debt again in the future. We will connect you with lenders who will offer you financial advice that will help you during and after your consolidation process.

Remember that it is not easy to eliminate debt. You need to be consistent especially while consolidating. Changing your spending habit will play an important role. Strive to be free from debt so that you shift your attention to the financial goals and objectives.

With us, you can achieve your desire of being free of debt by choosing consolidated funding application process. You can start the process by checking and comparing the different lenders.

Features of Consolidated Funds

  • Features of Consolidated Funds
    Features of Consolidated Funds

    They have flexible and affordable monthly installments. Most states have certified lenders to conduct their business. Lenders in our network work to negotiate low-interest rates with your creditors.

  • You are required to pay only one monthly installment. It is a cumulative sum of cash directed towards your new loan. Your lender has already paid your debts and you are now responsible for repaying him.
  • Lenders working with us can ensure that you also get your default charges waived off. If your charges are not waived off, then you can find a lender who is willing to reduce the charges.
  • There are no follow up calls from your creditors. This means that you will have peace of mind. Your lender will clear your debts with your creditors, hence you will not be contacted by any of them. If there is any issue, your creditors can directly contact your new lender.
  • When in the process of the consolidated funding application, it is important to research thoroughly. We will be offering you a platform where you can get to search through a list of lenders. Lenders in our broad network are experienced and will handle your case in a professional manner. The following are some of the factors you need to consider;
  • Go for the lowest interest rate possible
  • Have an exact amount in mind
  • Settle for a monthly installment that fits into your budget
  • Be comfortable with the repayment period
  • Know what you are looking for


Deciding to go for consolidated funds is an effective way of clearing up all your current debt. It will help you get back on your feet financially. However, it is important to avoid the following:

  • Avoid requesting for a consolidation loan amount that is more than your cumulative debts.
  • Avoid adding more debt. Debt consolidation is meant to make your financial stress more manageable.  You are supposed to have a better credit score by the end of your consolidation.

Cultivate Good Financial Habits While Consolidating Your Debts


Culitvate Good Financial Habits While Consolidating Your Debts
Culitvate Good Financial Habits While Consolidating Your Debts
  • Fund consolidation may help you pay off your credit card balances. With all your card balance cleared, you may be tempted to start using the cards again. Lenders recommend that you restrict your spending while consolidating your debts. Concentrate on fully repaying your new loan before considering another one.
  • You need to ensure that you practice better spending habits for you to build your credit score. This means that you will make a budget and stick to it. A combination of good financial habits and consolidation will lead you to an improved credit score.
  • You can start by choosing any of the lenders providing consolidated funding application. You are will be on the right track in paying back your new loan. This process will help you become more financially stable.

Consolidation Is Better Than Filing for Bankruptcy


Consolidation Is Better Than Filing for Bankruptcy
Consolidation Is Better Than Filing for Bankruptcy
  • It is better to consolidate your debt than to file for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, you will be creating a hurdle for your future loan access. Court cases are unpredictable and time-consuming. Those who have previously filed for bankruptcy have stated that it is not an effective way of dealing with debt. Remember that filing for bankruptcy does not erase your debts. You will only be postponing payment for some time.
  • Many people, including those with bad credit, have used consolidation services to eliminate their debts. We will link you with lenders who understand the tricky financial situation that you are in.

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