Truth in Lending Act

Before the introduction of the Truth in Lending Act, borrowers took loans without understanding all the terms of the loan. Lenders used different loan terms and borrowers struggled to understand what they all meant. It was all difficult for borrowers to compare loan terms and conditions before making a decision. The Truth in Lending Act … Continue reading “Truth in Lending Act”

Transworld Collections

All You Need to Know about TransWorld Collection TransWorld collection has been known to be more than just a collection agency. Though people have complained of being treated badly by it, that’s no cause to worry. This is because there are several ways to deal with the organization. These steps have been taken by the … Continue reading “Transworld Collections”

IC System INC

IC System Inc.- What You Must Know IC System Inc. is a debt collection company that has been around for over 70 years and one of the largest company offering such services in the US. They are a big player in the industry and are efficient in carrying out their services to ensure their client’s … Continue reading “IC System INC”

Allied Collections

Top Best Debt Collection Service Providers In business, there are times when you have to incur bad debts, with clients ignoring your final notice and old liability steadily accumulating. The most viable option and way out is to seek the professional help of debt collectors. Debt collectors are expert at soliciting and collection of payments … Continue reading “Allied Collections”

Debt Collection Agency

What is a Debt Collection Agency? A debt collection agency or debt collector is an organization that is used by lenders to recover debts from people who have defaulted on the loan for a long time. Lenders do not go in for this organization; they try to recover the debt through several means. They only … Continue reading “Debt Collection Agency”

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