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NCO Financial: Put an End to Harassment

NCO Financial
NCO Financial

NCO Financial is no stranger to some individuals as they have made themselves quite noticeable, especially for the many calls they put across to people and the many emails they send. Due to this unwanted calls and emails, many people have been looking for ways to get rid of NCO Financial. However, in doing this, the first thing to note is what exactly is NCO Financial.

What Exactly Is NCO Financial?

NCO Financial is a collection agency that was launched in 1926 as part of NCO Group. As a collection agency, it is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out specific collection and outsourcing duties. It has also had the duty of providing consultation services to companies and individuals on the best ways and practices to retrieve money from people.

Sometimes in 2004, this company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act that provides for a proper and detailed report of debt information of consumers. For a long while, many individuals have been filing complaints that NCO Financial has been harassing them with unwanted calls and they feel that it’s a violation of their rights, but many of them do not know what to do. In this article, you will learn how to handle and put an end to this harassment from NCO Financial.

Know Your Rights and Take a Stand

It is essential to note that collection agencies such as NCO Financial belongs to have all of their activities controlled and dictated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. By the express provisions of the act, no collection agency is allowed to go too far by trying to harass you through any means, be it by unwanted calls or emails.

Collection agencies are also bound by this act from providing consumer information in a way that is different from the express provisions of the act. When you know this, the next most important to do is to take a stand. By taking your position, you do not have to attempt to or negotiate with any agent of these companies. Many people have tried this, and have failed. So by taking your stand, what is expected of you is to set the law motion, create a paper trail that can leave behind evidence when a call comes through from NCO Financial. When this is done, you can hold NCO Financial responsible for their words against you, and these words can never be denied or taken back at any point in time because there is evidence to prove it was said.

Stop Transacting On the Phone

After knowing your rights in line with the provisions of the law and you have taken a stand, the next most important thing to do is to avoid getting phone calls from NCO Financial. If at any point during your interaction, the agency begins to harass you with unwanted calls, the best thing to do is to take steps to stop transacting with the agency on the phone and replace phone transactions with emails.

In doing this, you will have to take some steps. The first step is to communicate your discomfort to the management of NCO Financial by writing them a letter or sending them an email and telling them to put an immediate stop to such harassment. Otherwise you will take action against them. After this, the next step is to request that phone conservation be replaced with email communication. This way, if the harassment persists, there is a proof to initiate an action.

Always Request for Proof of Debt

With NCO Financial, it is enough for you to be told either through a phone call or a mail that you owe a debt. Most importantly, NCO Financial should be able to furnish you with clear and absolute proof that such debt in itself exists. In requesting for this proof, you can write a letter or send a direct mail to the management of NCO Financial. The management is duty bound by the act to provide you with proof that you have an existing debt that must be appropriately analyzed. Upon receipt of the debt information, you owe yourself the duty of going through it to ascertain its validity. In the case of any inconsistency, it is imperative you notify the agency immediately.

Make Use of Credit Dispute

Many times upon crosscheck of the debt information sent to you, you can discover that there are several inconsistencies which the agency is responsible for. At this point, the first best thing to do is conduct research by reaching out to your original creditor. If after doing this, the inconsistency still stands, the appropriate step to take is to submit a credit dispute. This credit dispute is a system that has been designed to help individuals rectify errors of the collection agency. However, before sending this credit dispute to NCO Financial, you have to make sure it is either that there is no debt owed in the first place or the amount NCO Financial is stating that you owe is short or above what you originally owe based on your original creditor’s report.
If you ever find yourself a victim of NCO Financials harassment, the first thing to note is that there is no point negotiating. All you need to do is find out what your rights are in line with the activities of NCO Financial, and take your stand.

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