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Transworld Collections
Transworld Collections

TransWorld collection has been known to be more than just a collection agency. Though people have complained of being treated badly by it, that’s no cause to worry. This is because there are several ways to deal with the organization. These steps have been taken by the company itself to make sure every one of its customers is appropriately treated, and they get what they are rightfully entitled to when dealing with the company. All one has to do is learn the ways and process to go about it.

The collection agency is a third party debt collector, and they are based in North California and Pennsylvania. Also, just like any other agencies, this one has had its fair share of debt collecting and customer complaints, some of which includes the improper sharing of their information and sometimes even inappropriate contact. Now, if you have received or experienced any harassing or assaulting telephone calls from TransWorld collection system, and you have sufficient evidence to prove it, you may be entitled to about $1,000 for compensation.

Your Rights Under The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

  • The TransWorld collectors have no right to call you consistently, harass or threaten you in any way.
  • They also have no reason to call you after you tell them to stop calling you.
  • They have no reason to continue calling you if it is inconvenient for you and you make it clear to them.
  • They have no reason to call you too early or too late.
  • They are not to contact you in any way during work hours.
  • The debt collecting agency must keep your debt private that is between you and them strictly. They have no right to discuss it with your family, friends or coworker.

If you believe or have any reason to think that any of the above has been done to you, then you can contact the right agency and lay your complaint. Also, when you complain, it can even entitle you to free legal counsel. If you demand damages owed to you at this point, then it is very much within your right. This is also provided for by the TransWorld collector system outside the fair debt collection practices act.

Who Is TransWorld? What Do They Represent?

This debt collection system has been around since the 1900s. It has more than 100 branches and locations scattered all over the United States of America. During the last century that it has been present, it has been the reason why more than 6 billion dollars has been recovered from consumers. Some of its clients are usually hospitals, small and large businesses, manufacturers and even universities. When you as a consumer of TransWorld receive a call from them, you will not be breaching any contract if you refuse to give them any information, because it is within your rights.

You do not have to take any form of abuse or harassment of any sort from them. The services offered by TransWorld make sure to skip the expensive and stressful litigation, tracing, or anything of such. So all transactions you make with them is safe and free of all the above listed.

The customers get the full attention of the agency as they offer several fixes to the various debt related issue brought by every client. Also, it also suit solutions that fit specific clients with special cases. This solution developed by the agency will make sure that one gets the solution they desire at that point in time. Some of the aims of the already developed solutions are:

  • They boost cash flow while maximizing the recoveries and profits
  • They streamline your account making it into a receivable management process
  • They can help you enhance your customer experience

All you need to do with the above is find the right fit, and take it up. If you don’t see any to suit your debt problem, the collection agency can create one to suit your preferences. This is just as easy as signing up with the agency in the first place.

So if you are looking for any of the below:

  • To get outstanding accounts that are due in the past
  • To work with an agency that leads to debt collections
  • To make sure the company that owes you gives their full compliance when you are to recover your debts from them

If any of the above or even something outside of it is what you want, look no further than TransWorld collection agency commercial division. As a multi-dimensional company, TransWorld is the world-leading provider of accounts receivable management, debt collecting and loan servicing solutions. Their team is built from functional leaders, industry collection experts, engaged ownership teams, and a cadre of independent contractors and advisors. These people share a focus which makes it easy for them to work together and bring you the best solutions, thereby improving the financial lives of their consumers.

The partners of the company use the experience that they have acquired over time to provide insight into operational excellence. They do this by using data gotten from the people, processes and technologies, and they use this process to stay relevant to their consumers always.

In conclusion, whether this company is working with other multimillion dollar companies to get you what you want, or optimizing back-office operations, or even maybe improving and accelerating recoveries with their standard collection services, everything this collection company does is in the spirit of bringing better and more satisfactory outcome for the consumers.

The way this industry operates makes it so that no matter what industry you work with or the industry you are in, you can work with them efficiently. While providing you with the kind of information you want and most possibly the type of result you desire.

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