American Home Shield Reviews

American Home Shield Reviews

American Home Shield is one of the most popular home warranty service companies. The firm has been around for over 40 years. American Home Shields has home protection packages that cover most of the breakdowns in a home setting.

This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This firm offers services based on the plan you have subscribed to. Although this is the general cost of the plan is mentioned below, the plans may vary based on your location. They have four plans including the following.

There is the systems plan. The systems covered in this plan include the air conditioning with ductwork, heating with ductwork, electrical, doorbells, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, plumbing, water Heaters, garbage disposals, instant hot/cold water dispensers, central Vacuums, and rekeying door locks.

They also have an appliance plan. The appliances covered in this plan include clothes washer, dryer, refrigerator, built-in food centers, garage door openers, free standing ice maker, built-in microwave oven, and trash compactor. If you need to cover items like the swimming pool, hot tub, septic pumps, and well pump, you will need to make additional payments.

There is a combo plan that covers both system and appliances. This service is available in all 50 states. They have a network of over 11,000 subcontractors and 45,000 technicians.

According to them, they do not need to inspect your home to complete the process. They also advertise that these sub-contractors and technicians are available 24/7 when you make requests. This company claims that they will offer quick repairs for all items that are covered in the plan.

You will not pay for the repair works. You will only be required to pay a small service call fee. The service call fee varies but it can be up to $125.

How Does American Home Shield Actually Work?

American Home Shield is popular. This can be largely attributed to the fact that the home warranty companies are not plenty. However, there are many customers who are unhappy with the company’s services. The truth is that many people registered for this service without understanding the several little stipulations in their fine print.

Some of the stipulations include the following;

  1.    The home warranty company has the sole responsibility of deciding the item that is included according to the contract.
  2.    American Home Warranty is responsible for installing damaged items with items of similar capacity, efficiency, and features. However, they do not have the responsibility of offering items of the same brand, color, and dimensions.
  3.    If American Home Shield is unable to offer you repair services due to circumstances beyond their control, they will provide you cash to repair the item. The cash will be equivalent to the amount someone without a warranty service will pay for this service. The exact amount will be decided based on the best rate someone will offer for the same service in that area.
  4.    The company will also decide the services that will be considered emergency services and will require quick attention.

This company has a flexible plan that allows customers to choose to either cover systems, appliances, or both. You can also choose to build your own plan where you decide on what to include in the plan. Their reps will help you to decide on packages that will be included in the package. If you do not have certain appliances in your home, it will be removed from your package and your rate will be lower.

The service calls can also determine your monthly payments. If you choose a lower service call cost, your monthly payments will be lower. In the same way, a higher service call plan will mean a lower monthly payment. American Home Shield also states that you do not need to wait for thirty days for your policy to start working. You will only wait for 15 days.

Most often, the online quote tool does not work. You can call in and the customer service representative will walk you through the process. When you call, you may be put on hold for some time, 10 minutes average. With the 24/7 call requests, the company will only cater for the cost of repair works that will be done during business hours.

This means that if an appliance that you completely rely on gets spoilt during the weekend, you will need to wait for business hours for them to send someone. If you cannot wait, you will need to pay the repair costs yourself.

Damages Covered by American Home Shield Warranty

If you have a cover from this company, you can be guaranteed that the company will be responsible for the following damages.

  1.    Normal wear and tear
  2.    Improper installations or improper previous repairs.
  3.    Neglect or poor maintenance resulting in rust or corrosion
  4.    Unknown pre-existing conditions

One thing to note is the fact that damages resulting from poor maintenance or neglect are covered by the company. This is worth noting because other companies do not cover these things.

Exclusions of the American Home Shield Warranty

When an item gets damaged through the following circumstances, the company will not offer repairs. These circumstances include fire, earthquakes, lightning, neglect, misuse, or manufacturer’s defect.

Although American Home Shield presents their services as one of the best in the industry but is that really true? Let us check out the reviews of users to see how they feel about American Home Shield’s services.

Just like any other companies, negative reviews are bound to come. No matter how good your services are, someone will be dissatisfied with it. This does not come as a surprise because people have different preferences and an institution can never satisfy everyone.

The main problem is when the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones. To make you get a good view of what people are saying about the company, we have compiled reviews from two reputable review websites: Better Business Bureau and

Reviews from the Better Business Bureau

Some clients had very good things to say about the company while others were not happy with their services.


According to some clients, American Home Shield is professional when dealing with clients. They also repair your items within an appreciable period. They also take their customer service seriously and they take great care of clients. When you request for a repair, they respond promptly and they send a sub-contractor quickly.

The technicians and subcontractors will call ahead of time to know the exact problems so that they can come with all the tools to fix the problem. This makes the repair process fast since they do not need to go back and forth to sort out your issue. They also make follow-up calls to make sure that the problem is properly handled.

Their service is reliable and you can have peace of mind knowing that you can get prompt repair services when you need one. Their website is easy to use. They also assign qualified technicians to you. It is easy to book and schedule requests with this company.

Another good thing is that if you do not like the subcontractor that has been assigned to you, you can change the subcontractor promptly. Another thing that makes their services great is the fact that the technicians clean up right after repair works.


Some clients were not happy with their service. One client complained that they tried to charge them erroneously for services they did not render. When you see this wrongful charge and you report to the company, it takes a long time for the company to remove it.

It may take several calls to get it done. One major problem that clients had is the fact that they sometimes assign subcontractors who cannot do the work well. It was, however, mentioned by some clients that you can research the client online and if you do not like the reviews you see about them you can quickly call the company to change the subcontractor.

This will delay the work a bit but you will be dealing with a better contractor. Some clients recommended that the company should change the way they vet subcontractors. Some sub-contractors also offer wrong or unnecessary tips.

Another issue that some clients complained about is the fact that they had to be put on hold for several minutes and sometimes hours for issues for them to be attended to. Some clients also complained that some customer service representatives were rude. Some clients were also disappointed because the company delayed in assigning technicians or subcontractors to rectify their problems.

Reviews from

Positive reviews

Some clients were glad that the company responded promptly to their issues. Some mentioned that the customer service representatives are very professional and they send technicians or subcontractors quickly. The technicians and subcontractors also do the work well.

When you call in to make a claim, an expert will call you back to ask all about the problem and then they will come fully prepared to sort out the issue. Some customers also mentioned that it was easy to make claims online since the process is easy to understand.

The company will also replace your item if it cannot be repaired. The process is quite fast. The technicians they send it are also really good at what they do. They are able to fix the problem in no time.

Negative reviews

Some clients also complained that they were put on hold for a long time. Some also complained that some of the subcontractors have poor ratings across board and that means that their services are poor.

Final Thoughts

This company have offered services that have left many companies satisfied, however, there are circumstances where clients have been dissatisfied with their service. Most of the dissatisfactions stem from the services offered by some of the subcontractors.

It is, therefore, recommended that you check reviews of the subcontractors before agreeing to deal with them. That will guarantee that the subcontractor who comes to your home is good at his or her work. You should also read the contract and understand it before signing with the American Home Shield.

Most customers were disappointed that they could not get the services that they requested because they were told it was not covered. If you know exactly what is covered and the circumstances under which it is covered or excluded, you will not be disappointed when you sign up with them.

Apart from the issues discussed above, the company does what it says it does. The many positive reviews are proof of that. According to the, the company has a rated 4 out of 5 for 10,870 ratings. This is a good rating for a home warranty company. You should always remember that home warranty firms will always have certain clauses that limit their services, so you should check if you will still benefit from the plan before signing up for an insurance.


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