What You Need To Know About Choice Home Warranty

As a new homeowner, there’s no denying that you’ll easily worry that something might go wrong. Perhaps you’ll move into your new home only to find that your air conditioner isn’t working as expected or the plumbing system was done poorly, or your basement has turned into a swimming pool.

To protect yourself against such unfortunate incidents, a home warranty plan is a sure bet.

These warranties are specially designed to cover what insurance policies won’t. They are service contracts that promise to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement of items included in the plan such as air conditioning, water heater, washing machine, and plumbing systems.


The beauty of having a home warranty plan

Think about it. Home appliances are prone to wear and tear all the time. They can also breakdown when you least expect. A home warranty acts as an umbrella that covers your home appliances.

Below are some of the advantages of having an appliance insurance warranty:

  •    You’ll enjoy some peace of mind, knowing that in case an appliance breaks down, you’ll not have to dig into your pockets to have it repaired or replaced.


  •    A home warranty adds value to your home. Many home buyers would rather buy an insured home as opposed to uninsured one, and would gladly pay a high price for it.


  •    You don’t have to worry yourself by looking for a technician to repair your appliances. All you’ll have to do is call your home warranty company and pay the $50 deductible amount, and a technician will come to repair your broken appliances.


  •    In case a machine breaks down, the warranty company will fix or replace it.


The limitations

The not-so-good stuff about home warranties include:

  •    Anytime you need a repair done, you’ll have to part with the deductible amount which usually ranges from $50-$125 for each broken appliance.


  •    In cases where you’ll need a replacement, you are highly likely to experience delays as the contractors will have to wait for the company to send the new parts.


  •    The annual premiums are quite expensive. You’ll have to pay $500-$1000 for annual repairs that you can easily avoid by hiring a contractor occasionally.

Choosing a home warranty for your home

Since there are so many home warranty companies available in the market today, you’ll have to do due diligence so that you don’t end up being scammed. To make your work easier, there are some things you need to consider when purchasing a warranty plan for your home.


Find out if you are already covered

If you are buying a new home, chances are the items are still covered by the builder or manufacturer warranty. Appliances purchased with a credit card also come with special covers and some cards even double the warranty period regardless of how long the manufacturer warranty is.


The cost

The prices of home warranty plans vary depending on the provider and plan you choose.

Usually, there are three kinds of plans customers can choose from – a plan for your appliances plus electrical and plumbing systems, a cover for all your machines or a home warranty for a specific appliance.

At American Home Shield, for example, plans that cover major appliances will cost you $200 annually while covers that include your appliances and home plumbing and electrical systems will go for $800 and above.

You also need to factor in the service fees when a contractor comes to fix your stalled appliances. The amount ranges from $50-$125, and that will depend on the work that needs to be done.


Are you clear on what the warranty covers?

It’s important to understand what your coverage plan provides. Reading the fine print of your home warranty plan, therefore, is necessary before signing the agreement forms.

Some plans will not cover all parts of your appliances as you think, so it’s important to know prior. For example, you may get a policy that includes the water heater, but not the tank, and another that only covers the refrigerator and not the icemaker.

In some cases, the home warranty company may refuse to cover the repair or replacement costs if you did not take care or your appliances properly, they were destroyed by a power surge or due to poor installation, or even failing to do routine maintenance.


Will the plan cover the repair or replacement costs?

If the repair costs are too expensive, the home warranty company will opt to replace the appliance instead. The only downside with replacements is that the company will give you the depreciated value of your item and it will force you to dig into your pocket to get the same model that you had before.


Consider your friends, neighbors and acquaintances ideas

Before purchasing a home warranty plan, factor in what your friends or neighbors who have used such services before think. That way, you’ll know the companies they have used, what their offers are, their experiences, and if the warranty companies are available in your location.


Do your research

After finding out the home warranty companies available in your area, make a list of those you are interested in. Go to their website and read the reviews of past clients. Make a comparison on the deductible amount each company charges before making a decision on your insurance. That way, you’ll only settle for a company that’ll satisfy your desires.


The turnaround time

The customer service representatives should tell you how long it’ll take for your appliances to be repaired or replaced. It’s also important to know how long you’ll have to wait to before the appointed technician comes in to do the repair works during peak seasons. In case the repaired appliances fail immediately the serviceman leaves, will you pay for the service call?


The terms and conditions with contractors

You need to find out if you can call your contractor if the company does not have available contractors in your locality or if the one appointed has a low rating. Also, check out if the home warranty company uses a licensed contractor as that’s the only way you’ll be assured that the services offered are quality.


Online availability

Choose a company that has an active online presence and will respond to your distress calls 24/7. Having an online platform where you can file your complaints allows you to save time. So instead of waiting for long hours before a representative answers your call, you’ll fill out the complaint form and wait for them to respond.


Choice home warranty

Among the many players in the home warranty business, Choice Home Warranty prides itself of 10 years personable customer service, customizable coverage, and conveniences like submitting your claims online and accessing sample contracts.

Choice Home Warranty is a home warranty company that provides comprehensive protection against the high costs of repair and replacements of home appliances and systems that are working properly.

It offers two plans – a basic plan and total plan, and they are available in 48 states. Their customer care representatives are always available 24/7 to attend to your needs.

If you are looking for a home coverage plan for your appliances and systems, then Choice Home warranty is a sure bet as it has a B rating from the better business bureau after the 1402 reviews.

According to the consumer advocates, Choice Home Warranty gets a rating of 9/10 based on the over 1,768 reviews and comments from past clients. The comprehensive coverage, affordable annual prices, easy claim process, flat fees, and failure to impose an annual cap on payouts make this home warranty company the best among its competitors.


The cost of Choice Home Warranty coverage plan

Choice Home Warranty offers its services at an affordable rate of $29 to $42 per month. Prices, however, vary depending on the coverage plan you choose as well as the add-ons. You’ll also pay a service call fee of up to $75 per claim which goes directly to the technicians involved in the repair or replacement of your appliances or systems.

It’s evident that Choice Home Warranty offers affordable rates compared to their competitors in the home warranty industry. You can call the care center to find out if you qualify for service fee discount.


The coverage length

Their coverage begins 30 days after your enrollment and ends 365 days after the start date. Choice home warranty will start you on a new coverage plan if your old coverage with another company expires. All you need to do is prove that there have been no lapses in your previous coverage.


Choice Home Warranty coverage exclusions

All homeowners can apply for choice home warranty coverage plans as long as their appliances and systems are in good working conditions and properly maintained. The plan caters for home repairs and replacements that are caused by normal wear and tear. This coverage policy is ideal for homeowners who have moved into older homes that are 10 years plus and are worried that their systems or appliances might not be working properly.

With a Choice Home Warranty, you don’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacements from your pockets for something you just acquired. You can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that you have the flexibility of customizing your coverage plan to fit your needs. If for example, you buy a home with a swimming pool, you can add that coverage to your total or basic plan.

In case your home appliances stall due to known or unknown pre-existing conditions or poor maintenance, chances are that you may not get compensated. If you filed a claim that’s not covered, you might be disappointed as the policy is clear on systems and appliances listed in the coverage.

It is, therefore, important that you read the Choice Home Warranty terms and conditions and familiarize yourself with the items in their coverage plan.


Choice Home Warranty claims

As soon as you discover that your system or home appliances are not working properly, you’ll have to file a claim. You do this by calling the customer care representatives or filing the claim online via their portal.

The beauty with Choice Home Warranty is that the customer service is efficient and available 24/7 365 days a year. Once you filed a claim, the company will contact a professional technician in your locality within 48 hours or 4 days if your complaint was received on the weekend.

The technician will then call during working hours to book an appointment with you. It’s upon Choice Home Warranty to determine if your claim was an emergency or not, and if it was an emergency, they’d expedite the repair or replacement efforts to make you comfy again.


Benefits of Choice Home Warranty

Below are some of the benefits of using choice home warranty coverage plans for your appliances and systems:

  •    Their plan is very affordable compared to other home warranty companies. At $29 per month, you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to dig into your pocket to repair or replace a major home appliance.
  •    They are available in 48 states.
  •    The customer care representatives are always available 24/7 365 days in a year to attend to your claims.
  •    Their technicians are also very professional.
  •    The service fee charge is competitive.
  •    Has a B rating by the Better Business Bureau making them a credible company.
  •    The 10-year experience in the home warranty business makes them the best bet for most homeowners.
  •    They also offer real estate agent packages and a helpful website where clients can file claims online.



Most clients complained of not receiving responses for their service requests or replacements of their stalled home appliances. This, however, is a problem that can be resolved quickly by reading the fine print of Choice Home Warranty before signing the agreement form.


Bottom line

For repair and replacement of your stalled systems and home appliances, Choice Home Warranty is a sure bet. It is a recognized home warranty company with over 10 years experience in the industry. With their coverage plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll not have to pay out of your pocket to have an appliance repaired or replaced.

Choice Home Warranty offers much more than a coverage plan. It has a dedicated customer care team that ensures that your claims are processed immediately they are received. To learn more about this home warranty company, you can check their website for customer reviews and comments about their services.


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