Marcus Loans Review

Marcus Loans Review: Get Fast and Versatile Personal Loans

Marcus Loans Review
Marcus Loans Review

Many times we run into a lot of financial difficulties and we are unable to finance major projects. Sometimes we have meaningful projects that might mark the turning point in our lives but can’t execute them due tight finances. For students, many find it difficult to fund their schooling and as such need to borrow money is on the increase on a daily basis.

To meet these needs, many companies have been established locally and globally to provide loans to individuals. These specifications are related to the amount to be loaned, the time to be paid, and the interest to be charged, as well as any other requirements. Personal loans over time have proven to be the best kinds of loan for anyone majorly because of its personalized nature. However, of all the personal loans offered by the various companies all around, Goldman Sach’s Marcus personal loans have over time proven itself. It has proven to be one of the best personal loans with the most attractive specifications and payback clause.

The questions however that come to mind are; what is Goldman Sachs? What is Marcus about? What are the features of Marcus loans that make it different from other loans? All these questions and many more are what will be addressed in this review. This review is a product of many interviews conducted with beneficiaries of the Marcus loan and in-depth analysis. It also covers the research into the company, the person behind the company, and the services it has offered over the years.

Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment and financial services company offering numerous investment and financial services to people and corporations locally and internationally. Located in New York City, Goldman Sachs has grown into a globally recognized investment and financial body with several ventures granting loans and offering internship programs to students and individuals globally. As it stands the group, as a working team of over 37,000 individuals who are directed by a team of experts, one of the best you can find globally. Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs founded it.

In it’s over 140 years of operation, Goldman Sachs has been reviewed upward on an annual basis and is gradually replicating itself in various nations of the globe. It is one of the leading companies globally in asset management, commercial banking and investment management among others in recent years.

Marcus is an investment extension of the Goldman Sachs group that provides the best specifications to everyone looking out for a personal loan. Either to finance business or their education. Anyone with a good credit score and a steady income that can be tendered on request validating from past borrowings that they can pay up is entitled to the Marcus loan. Marcus loans offer borrowing terms that are not rigid, instead varies from one need to another. So with Marcus loan, you as a borrower are very much confident to find a borrowing option that suits your request.

One other good thing about the Marcus loan is that quick payment of loans on a frequent basis opens up beneficiary to some benefits and discount on subsequent loans form Marcus. However, the many benefits and ease that comes with Marcus loans, it is not all faultless in that it is not available in all states even though it is in many states. With this said, let’s read a review of Marcus loans.

You Don’t Need an Excellent Credit Score

Even though there are many loan companies offering personal loans, many people find it very difficult to access these loans because of the requirement of high credit scores. A credit score tells of how an individual fairs when it comes to repaying loans. In arriving at your credit score, recourse is made to your previous activities with loan companies and how well and fast you were able to pay back loans. The higher your credit score, the higher and faster you stand a chance of getting loans. Because it assures the loan company that you can pay up the loan subsequently if granted.

While many loan companies take this too severe by requesting that individuals have an excellent credit score before they can access their loans, this is not the case with Marcus loans. Individuals can obtain personal loans from Marcus with a good credit score. It doesn’t need to be excellent. Once you have a good credit score and a steady income, that is enough to convince Marcus loans that you can pay up your loan and with that, you can access Marcus personal loans.

Marcus Personal Loans Are Versatile

One other benefit of Marcus loans that gives it an edge over every other loan company around is its versatility. What this means is that the Marcus loans can be obtained for some projects. This makes it welcoming to virtually everyone because we all have different needs and projects that we aim at financing. Marcus loans let you access the loans for anything ranging from financing your schooling, constructing a home or home related project, a business project or any other legal project that requires finance.

Besides being versatile, the rates of Marcus loans also vary depending on the category. However, when these rates are compared to those offered by other loan companies, they are way more affordable and attractive than others. So you can pick the loan type, loan term, loan rates and the time that is convenient for you to repay.

Eligibility for Marcus Personal Loans

To be eligible to apply for Marcus personal loans, you must be able to meet certain conditions. These conditions are so flexible, and as such, they vary from one loan option to another.

While generally, 18 years is the accepted age for eligibility, it still varies from state to state in the United States. Some states are fixed at 18, and others fix theirs at 19 and a few others for 21. After meeting the age criteria, you should have a valid account in any state you are applying for the loan from. Logical social security is also essential, but in the absence of that, you can make use of your Tax ID number.

Even though iterated, it is important to state here that a good credit score is also important. A good credit score is what assures the company that you can and will eventually pay once the loan is granted. Once you have all these met, you can now go on to apply for a Marcus loan.

The Application Process

While trying to review the application process of Marcus loans, some people have expressed their views that the process is not always easy. However, here we are forced to align ourselves with a view of the majority who has found the whole application process quite straightforward.

The application process is quite easy and unique. It is also very fast. Once you are eligible for a Marcus loan, the next thing will be to go through the application process. In doing this, you will need to fill a form online providing necessary information about yourself stating that you are eligible for the loan. When this is done, your application form is reviewed within a short period, and a response is given as soon as the review is completed.

Marcus loan dispenses funds immediately your application is reviewed, and all this can happen within 24 – 72 hours.

In this process, you can select the month of payment, or you can choose a loan type based on the month of payment depending on which is convenient for you. The application site has been designed and structured in such a way as to make it very easy for individuals accessing it to navigate through loan options and terms. “We were at the end point of executing a major project, and we needed quick funds. Any later than 48 hours, the project would have fallen through. Thanks to Marcus loans. We were able to fill the form and provide the relevant information needed. Our application was reviewed, and in 24 hours we had our funds dispensed. This probably happened because we had an excellent credit score or probably because Marcus loans offer the best personal loans on the globe.”

They Have the Best Customer Care Service

Many companies and businesses offline and online focus so much on building a good brand, and invest a lot more in advertising strategies. The customer care service of Marcus loans always makes sure that they operate round the clock. Regardless of when and how you are reaching out to them, there is always someone ready to attend to your requests, your complaints and your contributions. This has to be one of the most attractive features of Marcus loan.

They can be reached either through mail, text or call. “We once found it difficult going through the application process. We tried and kept trying several times. We were able to reach the customer care, and it didn’t take long as someone was there to receive and politely put us through the process. We submitted our application and funds were released to us. “We had submitted our application, but after a while, we were yet to get a response and being curious as to why we sent a mail to the support group asking why our application is taking this long to be reviewed.

We got a response immediately telling us that we supplied insufficient details and gave us a guide as to how to make up for the details that were left out.” “We once called the customer care to share our opinion on what the company needs to do to get better probably. We were surprised at the reception were received; it made us feel like we were a part of the company. This is one thing you will hardly find here. This should be one of the best loan companies.”

Loan Types Offered By Marcus

Generally, Marcus loans offer three major loan types. These loan types include debt consolidation, credit card consolidation and unsecured loan.

Debt Consolidation Loans

This type of Marcus loans is one in which one lender can buy a part or all of your current debts by a single payment. This kind of payment is beneficial when one has more than one payment from different lenders. This is because many times it is complicated to keep tabs on the many payments. So by consolidation debt here, all these many payments are being sold to one willing buyer who pays for them all with a single payment.

It is easier to keep track and follow up on that one buyer. It means that payment will come at a later date other than that agreed on with the other individuals. The Marcus debt consolidation loan will be useful if you have a good credit score, a high interest rate and willing to save money.

Credit Card Consolidation Loans

This loan type of Marcus loans is quite similar to that of debt consolidation with just slight modifications. In credit card consolidation, Marcus loan itself does the buying. When you accept credit card consolidation loan of Marcus, you will operate on the same monthly payments and interest rate as that of the loans on your credit card.

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