Payday Loans Online

In recent times, short term loans are popular. They make it possible for borrowers to apply for short term loans without any hassle. The good thing is that borrowers can apply for payday loans online. They will get access to this loan from the comfort of their homes.

These loans do not have the typical terms and conditions that traditional loans come with. The loan term is usually very short. Some can be as short as one week but, in most cases these loans are due by the next salary period. However, online payday loans can be extended depending on the agreement between the borrower and the lender.

There are many reasons why people will opt for payday loans. Many people prefer this type of loan because the money will be deposited straight into their account. That means that you don’t need to visit the lender when the application is approved.

People with bad credit scores do not need to worry about that because they will get access to this loan irrespective of their credit score. Another reason why this loan appeals to a lot of people is because the loan application is fast and easy.

online payday loans
online payday loans

What are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are advanced payments that you receive to supplement your income until the next payday. The minimum amount you will receive depends on the laws of the state in which you reside. 

The process of applying for a payday loan is pretty simple. You will need to visit the website of the lender, create an accoubadnt, and complete the application form. The application is subject to approval from the lender. The lender reviews the loan application and approves if they see that you are capable of repaying the loan.

How much money can I get?

With Dedebt’s online lenders you can ask for anywhere between $100 and $1000. You should only take what you need as these loans are meant to be short-term.

Is Dedebet an online payday lender?

We are a broker that tries to contact many lenders with one form. This enables us to contact the lenders on your behalf which gives you more chance of getting a loan.

Do your payday loans have credit checks?

The lenders will take a look at your information that does not affect you credit score. This is called a soft credit check. This enables the lending to check you out without causing you any financial hard.

payday loans

Can I get an online payday loan the same day?

  • Payday advances that are entered by 11:55  in the week may have funds distributed the same day
  • Payday advances that are entered after 11:55  in the week may have funds distributed the following business day
  • Payday advances that are entered over the weekend may have funds distributed the following business day
  • Payday advances that are entered during holidays may have funds distributed the following business day

Please note this is a guideline and is in no way guaranteed.

Can I get the money deposited in my bank?

You must designate an account for the online lenders to use to deposit the money. It should be the same account where your pay check goes.

Benefits of Payday Loans

Many people wonder if payday loans are a good idea. This is a compilation of the benefits of this type of loan.

The loan application is fast

If you need money for emergency purposes, payday loans can be of great help. The entire application takes only a few minutes and you can do that from the comfort of your home. Loans are approved and made available by the next business day.

If you have a medical emergency or any other urgent cash requirement, you can always fall on this loan type. You will, however, be required to pay back with you next paycheck.

They don’t come with many requirements

When you apply for traditional loans, you may be required to complete a huge pile of forms to get access to a loan. With payday loans, they may only need to check your credit score.

These loans are convenient

With traditional loans, you will need to provide the reason for the loan. In some cases, your reason will be rejected after review. This is not the case for online payday loans. You do not need to provide a reason and they are disbursed into your bank account.

Requirements for Payday Loans Online

You don’t need to meet a lot of requirements to get access to this loan. The requirements are pretty simple.
You must be at least 18 years.
You should have a bank account.
You should be a citizen of the United States.
You also need a regular source of income.

What happens if I am unable to repay my online loan?

This is not an issue as long as you are quick to inform your lender. They will happily extend the loan and interest and give you time to pay. You should be wary of doing this too much or you could end up in constant debt. Please remember an online payday loan is meant for the short term.

Can I go to jail for defaulting on a payday loan?

Not paying a loan is a civil matter and must be dealt with in a legal manner. Defaulting on a debt is not a criminal offense providing the loans was taking out legally. Not paying your loans is not an easy route out as it will likely result in debt collections and collection calls. You should always repay your debts if you want your life to be stress free.

Disadvantages of Payday Loans Online

Although these loans offer a lot of benefits, there are risks associated with it.

These loans are expensive because they come with high processing fees. It is, therefore, essential that you consider the long term effects before applying for this loan.
The interest rates are also high. If you are going to use it just once or twice, that’s fine. But, if you need to use it multiple times, you may fall into a debt cycle. Because the interest rate will increase substantially and you may not be able to repay the loan. If you have multiple payday loans loans you can use payday loan relief to help you get out of debt.

This is to say that payday loans can land you in a bad financial position if you do not manage it well.

Can I Use Payday Loans to Pay my Bills?

Lenders do not specify what you can use your loan for. Once the money hits your account, you can use it for whatever you want.

You should, however, remember that you will need to pay back the loan. Hence, you need to use it wisely so that you can account for it. This is to say that you can use it to pay your bills.

Can I Get a Payday Loan from the Bank?

Some banks offer this type of loan but the rates are higher than regular loans.


Since payday loans are fast, secure, and convenient, they can help you out of a financial mess. You should, however, be careful so that you do not fall into a debt cycle. Make sure that you have plans on how to repay the loan before going for it.

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