Future Advisor – Your Reliable Investment Partner

Future Advisor – Your Reliable Investment Partner

The business world is becoming vibrant. Investors are seeking reliable finance partners to take their businesses to the next level. Companies have turned to online providers of robo advisory services. These have met their advisory needs. Remember the entire world has adopted digital means of doing things. Robo Advisors refer to automated finance advice providers. It offers relatively cheaper services. Besides, the robo advisor provides its services efficiently and reliably.

Future Advisor is a leading investment partner offering investment advice to clients across the globe. It has specialised in providing robo-advisory services. The company was founded in 2010 by Bo Lu in partnership with Jon Xu. Both founders formerly worked as Microsoft engineers.

It is worth noting that Future Advisor boasts a healthy and able team of staff that comprises of software engineers, data scientists and experts in the field of finance. Over time, the company has gained support from reputable institutions, capitalists, and investors who have funded leading companies.  Companies such as Google as well as PayPal are now working closely with Future Advisor.

All accounts of investors are held by two reputable brokers, either TD Ameritrade or Fidelity.   Future Advisor is suitable for DIY investors holding TD Ameritrade accounts or current fidelity accounts. Also, it is ideal for hands-off investors seeking finance advisory services. The company utilizes computer algorithms to help clients arrive at the best investment decisions. Again, the company will allocate all investments made between bonds ETFs and stocks.

It is worth noting that the services offered by Future Advisor, are quite affordable. The company is worth investing with due to the high-quality services it provides.

Account minimum

The minimum balance that an investor should have is $10,000.

Account types

Future Advisor offers different types of accounts to its customers. These include;

  •       IRA accounts
  •       Taxable accounts
  •       401k plan
  •       Roth IRA accounts
  •       Simple IRAs
  •       529 Plan Accounts
  •       Custodials

Future Advisor is the only provider of robo advisory services that offers the 529 plan accounts to its clients. However, the company does not provide SEP IRA accounts.

Services offered by Future Advisor

Future Advisor provides a wide range of services to its clients. These include:

  •        Investment management

The primary role played by Future Advisor is to manage the assets of its clients. The company manages client’s investments by reinvesting dividends. It also conducts automatic re-balancing. Another valuable service offered by Future Advisor is tax loss harvesting.

  •       Future Advisor mobile App.

It is now effortless to access the services of Future Advisor, thanks to the Mobile App. Future Advisor mobile app is available at Google App Store. All you need to do is download the app and start enjoying top notch services offered by the company.

  •       College Savings

Also, Future Advisor provides a college saving plan – an attractive feature for all investors. It works well for clients who are saving for the education of their children. Future Advisor has provided a college saving program which is free of charge to all its clients. Parents can now plan for the education of their children.

Future Advisor provides its clients with advisory services. All an investor needs to do is link their investment accounts to the platform. The company will then offer allocation advice based on several factors. The company considers the age, expected date of retirement and clients’ brokerage account. Any investor with an investment account with the platform can access these services for free.

However, Future Advisor does not offer human advising services. All its services are automated based on account analysis results. The company also does not provide diversification of single stock, fractional shares, and direct indexing. It mainly focuses on tax loss harvesting, an area where it has excelled and stood out among its competitors.


Future Advisor charges annual fees at a flat rate of 0.5%. The cost is constant regardless of the amount of funds in your account. The management fee is relatively high when compared with that charged by other robo-advisors. However, there are several other providers of robo advisory services who charge fees similar to those of Future Advisor.

Some of the services offered by Future Advisor are free of charge. These services include comprehensive retirement and portfolio analysis. It also provides asset allocation advisory services.


Future Advisor offers promotion to its Mint uses. Its promotion includes a six-month free management offer.


Future Advisor has invested a lot in market research. Its central goal is providing clients with the relevant and reliable advice. The company has thorough knowledge of the market and finance needs of different types of investors.

Age Restriction

The company has put in place age restriction of 68 years old.  It does not accept a new client aged over 68 years.


Future Advisor manages massive amounts of investments, unlike its competitors. Its total assets are more than $1 billion. When it comes to returns, the company engages in tax loss harvesting (a measure of ensuring substantial savings to the company).  

Tax loss harvesting enables Future Advisor to save amounts of money. For example, with an initial investment of $200,000, the company can make savings of up to $6,000 annually – within  20 years. Future Advisor will continually monitor your assets to ensure that it finds a position of a minimum of $600 in addition to 2.5% harvestable losses. Future Advisor will also change the status for similar index funds. Moreover, Future Advisor banks the losses and uses them to offset regular income or any gains made.

Future Advisor Competitors

Future Advisor has thrived in a very competitive environment. Although Future Advisor charges a relatively high fee of 0.5% on all accounts, it has still managed to remain ahead of its competitors, which is attributed to the fact that the company has invested much on tax loss harvesting. Tax loss harvesting is an attractive feature that has enabled the company to garner a large following. An additional feature is a provision for the 529 Plan account – a unique account which is not available in other competing firms. The 529 plan account is an attractive feature that attracts many investors to the company.


  •       Future Advisor is easy to use

The company has been providing users with quality and reliable financial advice. All its users can benefit from such services. Investors are guided in all steps undertaken to benefit from the different services offered by Future Advisor. It is also worth noting that clients have the option of either accepting or rejecting advice provided thanks to a user-friendly tool provided by the platform. Clients can easily access the services of Future Advisor using a mobile App.

  •       Future Advisor is flexible in all its services

Future Advisor has been rated as a flexible provider of advisory services. Unlike other similar institutions, Future Advisor allows its clients to link their accounts without closing or transferring their investments. The platform gives clients the option of working on their personal accounts. Alternatively, clients can allow Future Advisor to do it on their behalf.

Premium services offered by the platform allow clients access the array of benefits. To enjoy these top notch services, clients should use TD Ameritrade and Fidelity accounts. Alternatively, they can transfer their accounts to the platform. Future Advisor is always ready and willing to provide clients with all the necessary advice and guidance.


Future Advisor accommodates different types of investors

Future Advisor is not selective about the kind of investors it works with. Whether you are a small investor or a large investor, Future Advisor has something to offer you.  However, all investors should ensure that they meet the $10,000 minimum investment requirement. Future Advisor is suitable for passive investors, do-it-yourself investors as well as retirement investors.

  •       The company offers an array of services for free.

Some services offered by Future Advisor are for free. These services include college savings, comprehensive retirement planning, portfolio analysis and asset allocation advisory services. Investors can take advantage of advice provided for asset allocation and other free services even if they are not interested in the premium service.

  •       Future Advisor offers tax loss harvesting services

– a high-quality service provided to all account holders.


  •       The $10,000 minimum balance is high.
  •       The company does not accept new clients aged above 68 years.
  •       The 0.5% annual fees charged for investment management services is relatively high.

Bottom Line

Future Advisor is a leading investment advisory company. Therefore, investors should work with Future Advisor for management of their investment portfolio. It is the next service provider you need to check out, especially if you are a serial investor seeking to steer your business to the next level. Future Advisor provides clients with automated services. These services can easily be accessed through the Future Advisor Mobile App, unlike the traditional finance advisory service providers.

The company provides plethora of services.  Management fee charged at an annual rate of 0.5%. The price is quite reasonable. Also, the platform provides an array of services for free. It is, therefore, a platform worth partnering with for all your financial advisory needs.

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