Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital Review Personal Capital offers client-based robo-advisor wealth management and investment services. The real and unique difference is the combination of both human and computer-based advice. To date, the company holds at least $4.2 billion worth of assets and another $350 billion in tracked accounts. The main aim of Personal Capital is to offer … Continue reading “Personal Capital Review”

Credit Bureau Number

What is a credit report? You may have heard of names like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These are names of the biggest credit bureaus in the US. Credit bureaus are financial service companies that record and maintain financial transactions and other relevant data of individuals and businesses. They then compile all the data into a … Continue reading “Credit Bureau Number”

Ach Transfer

What is Ach Transfer? The evolution of technology has brought about various means of sending and receiving money across the globe. From mailing checks and walking around with liquid cash to electronic transfers, convenience has never reached such heights. One of the many ways is sending money through ACH otherwise known in full as Automated … Continue reading “Ach Transfer”

Sofi Personal Loan Reviews

SOFI personal loan reviews A SOFI personal loan can come in handy when you have many bills that are giving you sleepless nights. You can use the loan for emergency expenses, make major purchases, pay off a student loan, among other uses. But as much as SOFI personal loans can be the best solution to … Continue reading “Sofi Personal Loan Reviews”

High Interest Savings Account

Why you should use high interest savings account Saving money comes with several benefits. Besides ensuring that your money is safe, it is also a great opportunity to earn interest. But while you should expect more and more people to save a percentage of their monthly income, statistics paint a totally different figure. One survey … Continue reading “High Interest Savings Account”

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